Bosch Ascenta 24 Bar Hndl Dishwasher – My Second Dishwasher

My 15-year old bosch smu 4000 died, and the research on a popular consumer site said that the top 8 dishwashers were bosch (including this model). I also trust the reviews on amazon, and was surprised to see the low ratings of the bosch dishwashers. So i looked around (in person) at the other brands available and just dreaded buying anything else but bosch. Several of the amazon reviews had a low rating because the capacity is lower than the piece of junk they just scrapped. It makes sense to me that to make these dishwashers quiet they probably need more insulation, and it’s not possible to make the dishwasher larger on the outside, so they may sacrifice some space on the inside. I accept that trade-off gladly. I did not research to see if the smaller space claim was true, because i don’t mind if i have more frequent smaller loads. I liked the layout after i used it a few times, and seems very similar to my old bosch. And it is quiet – noticeably quieter than my old one. The bosch reviews in amazon are so low and the consumer reviews are so high, that it makes me wonder who is writing the amazon reviews.

I installed myself no issues no problems. My wife really loves this dishwasher it’s also very quiet. The delivery to my house worked out quite well very good packaging period i would buy it. At first did not understand it it does not dry perfect dishes still come out slightly or mildly wet. Need to give an extra time to dry off at least an additional hour after the cycle is done.

I bought this bosch because of its high rating in consumer reports. I was replacing a kenmore that i had never liked and wanted something of high quality. One of the problems i had with the kenmore was that the dishes sometimes didn’t get clean. Even worse, they sometimes smelled funny (the dishwasher also had a strange smell when it was running). I am thrilled to say that this bosch is an excellent dish, glass, and utensil cleaner. It is by far the best dishwasher i’ve had in terms of cleaning. Another problem i had with the kenmore was that the dishes were never dry. After using the sanitize setting and a rinse aid, most dishes are completely dry. The only exceptions, of course, are plastic items which don’t normally dry anyway. The kenmore also had a horrible mold problem.

  • bought it because my repairman said it was good. The reviews on it not loading well are
  • Very good dishwasher
  • Excellent Dishwasher: Very Quiet

I can’t speak to the reliability issues that people have talked about with this dishwasher, i have only had it for a couple of months, and everything is working fine. But as to how it works, this dishwasher is fantastic. I literally just scrape off any excess food and stick the dishes in and bam before you know it everything is clean. I have put stuff in there i was sure i was going to have to scrub and rewash afterward, but this dishwasher handled them all great. I can’t say enough about it’s performance. I will try to remember to update at the 1 year mark about reliability, but so far everything has been great. Update still works great, i have not had the latch issue, but i have been careful when opening and closing since i read the reviews. I am still very happy with the washer and it is still very good at cleaning the dishes. Update 11-9-17 washer is still working fantastic. I will admit that after reading the latch problems i have been careful with the door, i haven’t had any problems with it.

Alright, read through the reviews, got a little concerned, bought it because my repairman said it was good. The reviews on it not loading well are not true. It does great, my dishes are clean, this makes me happy.

Features of Bosch Ascenta 24 Bar Hndl Dishwasher, 50 dBA, Adjustable Rack (SHX3AR76UC)

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  • Adjustable Upper Rack

We’re remodeling our kitchen, and the existing dishwasher was very old with a few cracks in the door, so we replaced it. Although this is a straightforward diy project, we had a few complications from tile work (floor and countertop) by a previous owner. The old dishwasher was tightly wedged in, and it was very difficult to fit this new bosch into place. This is not a problem with the dishwasher. It fit the space more fully than the older washer, but the older washer also had heavy layers of insulation padding the exterior. There is some padding on the bosch on the sides and top, but not as much as the old maytag we removed. Once we shoehorned it in, we tried it out. It is quiet, but not as remarkably quiet as some have said about bosch. Some reviews say they could not hear it running. We could easily hear it running, but it was significantly quieter than our old one, and i’d rate it as the most quiet dishwasher i’ve almost not heard.

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Bosch Ascenta 24 Bar Hndl Dishwasher, 50 dBA, Adjustable Rack (SHX3AR76UC)
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