Countertop Dishwasher: A comparison between Danby DDW621WDB vs SPT SD-2201W, Which is better ?

Among many daily life chores, dishwashing is said to be one of the least productive and boring thing. Thanks to the portable dishwashers that have taken the task and you no longer need to worry about it.
Luckily, you have so many good and high quality portable dishwashers that are tech powered and capable of quickly accomplishing the assigned task. The issue is that choosing between the right kinds of dishwashing gadget is very confusing. Most of them have same features and functions. Hence, it is hard to decide which one to pick or not. Here reading a dishwasher review to get for the best dishwasher can be a good idea.

As far as countertop dishwashers are considered, then buyers are available with many good options to look for. For instance, SPT dishwashers and Danby are the two best dishwashers and have good reviews on the market.

Common Features in Danby DDW621WDB and SPT SD-2201W

  • They both have almost same weights. Danby weighs 46.3lbs and SPT weighs 48.5 lbs.
  • Both have a stainless steel interior, which is safe and easy to clean.
  • These countertop washers have 6 place settings, to keep the utensils.
  • Both have built in filtering system.
  • They come up with faucet adapter. Hence, it is easy to connect them with tap for water.
  • Both have 5ft long hoses.
  • Countertop washers also have auto detergent dispenser.
  • They also have rinsing agent dispenser.
  • Both these dishwashers can complete 6 cycles.
  • There are no child locks (These locks are meant for dishwashers which are used by families).
  • Both these dishwashers have one year warranty as well.
  • Inlet hose and drain hose are available with both of these dishwashers.
  • Both have height of 17 inches, and they are easily adjustable under the cupboards.

Differences between SPT and Danby

Main feature in all the countertop dishwashers is the control panel that offers the ease of use. Here is a detailed overview of how control panel and other features differ.

1. Control Panel 

SPT: In SPT power button helps to turn the device ON or OFF. There is a Rinse/ Aid warning indicator. It shows whether there is need for refilling rinsing agent or not. There is a program button that offers a way for selection between programs, which are heavy, normal, light, glass, speed, soak. Finally start and pause button helps to start or pause.

Danby: Its control panel is same to the SPT. But there is an additional rinse aid warning light, program indicator light, faucet indicator light, delay button and also delay indicator.

2. Delay Start

SPT: There is no delay start option in SPT. The option is useful to set programmed washing when you are not around.

Danby: In Danby there is a Delay start option which is very useful, especially when you want to wash dishes while not being around. You can simply program your countertop washer just by setting the desired hours.

3. Temperature

SPT: It operates at 148F temperature.

Danby: It operates at 154F temperature.

4. Noise Level

SPT: Noise level in SPT is 55db

Danby: Its noise level is 52db.

5. Price Danby is relatively expensive than SPT. 


Every dishwasher buying guide will must tell you about this feature of the best dishwasher; it is one which fills your need. As far as dishwasher reviews on Amazon are concerned, then both of these dishwashers have many positive reviews. Hence, buying any of them will make you better off. But not and not the least, do keep one thing in mind while you pay a price; it should be worth it. If you decide to go for one with more features, then make sure that you need those features.