Danby DDW611WLED Countertop Dishwasher – : Great but is very small and compact

My girlfriend and i absolutely hate doing dishes. I did a lot of research and decided on this dishwasher. Best $200 i ever spent i think. Dishes come out perfectly clean. The only issue i had with it is one of the hoses leaked right from the get go. I made a call to their customer service and explained the issue and they immediately sent me a replacement hose at no cost. They even covered the shipping of it. I cant recommend this company and this product specifically, strongly enough. If you are looking for a counter top dish washer than this is the one you want. Works flawlessly and the company stands behind their product. Their customer service was amazing.

I purchased this dishwasher based in part from the amount of positive reviews and i am here to add my own. The first time i turned it on, it leaked everywhere. It was gushing water from the back connecting hoses and i was so disappointed. But after reading amazon reviews i realized i had the unit pushed way too close to the wall and it was squishing the hoses. As soon as i moved it further from the wall, i ran it again and have never had another issue with leaking. I find that the dishes need to be rinsed off before loading them in the dishwasher. Any large food particles will clog it and it won’t do as good of a job cleaning. I do use the cascade pouches which do a great job. Make sure you don’t put it in before you’re ready to run the dishwasher or it can start to disintegrate before you turn on the washer. Overall, this is a great product, couldn’t be happier so far and highly recommend making the switch from hand washing every dish to getting the danby and getting part of your life back.

I cannot even describe to you how much i hate cleaning dishes. I have a full time job and when i’m not working, i’m doing school work for my grad school classes. The last thing i want to do is a sink full of dirty dishes. The only thing is that the drainage hose leaks right at the connection to the dishwasher. It’s been doing that since the first run. But i have it sitting to the left of my sink on the counter, so right before i run it, i just drag the back right of it so the connector part is over the sink, and then the leak just runs into the sink. I can’t get it to stop leaking, so i guess i’m lucky that it fits where i have it. I’m hoping it lasts me a long time.

One of the best investments i’ve made in a long time. This little sucker really does the job. Leaves my dishes clean and spotless. For as small as it is it is really surprising how much stuff you can put in it. It would not fit on my countertop, my cabinets are too low, so i put it on a microwave cart and extended the hoses 2 1/2 feet******2 years later it is still working amazing. My dishes come out dry and spotlesscascade complete action pacs work the best. I’ve tried using a liquid detergent but it never works as good.

  • Great little dishwasher, if it lasts – not for everyone, consider all your options and needs carefully
  • Its a pretty good little dishwasher!
  • How to make life easier for a grad student

Danby DDW611WLED Countertop Dishwasher – White

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  • Energy Star countertop electronic dishwasher fits under most kitchen cabinets (6 place-setting capacity)
  • Quick connect to any kitchen tap with low water consumption (3.17 gallons during normal cycle)
  • Convenient automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser
  • Electronic controls with LED display (6 wash cycles)
  • Durable stainless steel interior

At first ,i received the wrong package. A refrigerator instead of the dishwasher. So after shipping the refrigerator back,i finally received the dishwasher. But alas, everytimei tried to hook it up to the sink,water would spray everywhere. So, i went to home depot and after a while he realized he needed to order a new adapter for the faucet. So after waiting an additional week for the actual dishwasher to come,i had to wait another week for the part to come in. Finally, the part came ,and even though i feared that this would not work, it actually worked perfectly. I am on my second wash and so far the dishes are clean , no water everywhere, and was not difficult to operate. So despite the wait and the additional part, i will give it a 4.

I wanted a small dishwasher to manage cyclical feeding of my pets and to be sure that their dishes were absolutely clean as several (being rescues) have issues with infection. This dishwasher fits perfectly on my counter. The only warning i’d give is that the back pressure of the water may require that you install a faucet that does not have a spray hose. Depending on your water pressure and current configuration, the back pressure may actually blow out the cartridge that is in the interior of the faucet. For some reason, using a faucet without the hose solves this problem. Sounded crazy to me when the plumber came to see why this machine made my faucet leak under the sink, but another plumber said that was indeed the issue, and all is good now that faucet is replaced by simple, no spray hose, model.

Well, this is probably a bit premature since i just got it yesterday but i had to say this. I started the dishwasher last night and walked away from it. I was sitting in the next room and i wasn’t hearing it. Went back to the kitchen about 15 minutes after starting it and i still couldn’t hear anything. I had to open the door to make sure it was running. When it finished, the dishes were very clean. They were still kind of wet but that’s probably because i opened the door as soon as it was finished. Anyway, i don’t have any idea how it’s so quiet, can’t even hear dishes rattling around. Like i said, it’s premature. Will update after a month or so.

Yeah, i pretty much didn’t know counter top dishwashers existed until now. We immediately purchased this to end the civil war in our house caused by dirty dishes and who’s turn it is to wash. Once you get the hang of loading it different ways, it is going to be worth it. I did notice a leak in the drain hose connection. Apparently the washer that comes in it is really loose and falls out easy while assembling.

This works great, exactly as i expected. My only complaint is that there is no effective design idea for the cord and hoses for when you are not using it. I have not figured out yet, but there needs to be something to control the hoses when you are not using them.

This is one of my favorite new things. I finally don’t have a countertop full of dishes. When i first got it, the rinsing arm broke during my first use, but the company sent me a new part free of charge, and now it works perfectly.Just make sure you don’t use too much soap, otherwise it’ll get left behind in the soap chamber.

It’s only day one but i have done two loads of dishes (i stock piled a few in anticipation not because i was lazy *cough* ). Even does a good job on pots and pans. I was a little weary at first but glad i gave in. And just in case anyone else comes across this, it made me feel like an absolute genius (sarcasm). The fitting that comes with it to attach it to your faucet has both an outside thread and an inside one. Remove one of the rubber seals and it’ll reveal the inner side threads. I went to a hardware store looking for an adapter, guy looked at the part, pulled the rubber seal out, checked the size and said, this will work just fine for you.

It’s not as powerful as a standard dishwasher, but if you scrape off your plates properly and don’t leave the gunk to dry overnight, regular wash can wash and sanitize as needed. The strongest setting will work nicely too, but if you left anything to dry on your dishes or you don’t get the food gunk off property, it will still be there when you’re done – this can also happen if you don’t place your dishes properly in the dishwasher or if your block the areas where the water distributes across all dishes. It’s a lifesaver in a small apt, that’s for sure.

This dish washer is amazing. I have had it over a month now and it is a great help. I had read some reviews about it taking too long to wash and about not cleaning dishes correctly but for me that is not the case. I recommend this dish washer if you dont have space for a regular dish washer. I think it takes as long as a regular dish washer. It leaves dishes very clean and has indicator light for when rise aid is low.

Two weeks in and i’m really loving this thing so far. It cleans dishes better than any dishwasher i’ve had before and it’s great for a lazy bachelor like me who usually doesn’t need to clean a large amount of dishes each day. Just attach their special nozzle to the faucet (which i much prefer over the default style) and then hook the tubes to the nozzle and turn on the faucet. Food and excess water gets spewed out in to the sink so it might be a bit of a hassle if you lack a garbage disposal.

I got my danby d/w last week. Delivery and shipment was well done. Came as a box within a box so there was no damage to the machine. Unfortunately, it’s too big to fit on my counter. There is only 17″ clearance from my countertop to the bottom of my cabinets but i had a wheeled file cabinet to use until i figure out what to do. I ran the machine and it worked like a pro. My glasses came out way cleaner than when done by hand — not sure if it’s the hot water rinse or what. I read alot of reviews — some negative about this machine so i’ve kept the box and packing in tact until i’m sure but so far, so good.

I love love love this dishwasher. My bf got it for me about a year ago, and so far there is no complaints. It was easy to install and even easier to use it. It took me some practice to fit as much dishes as possible. And after 1 year i became a pro. It is little bit challenging to fit 11-12 inches plates, but it is possible as well as 12 inch pans and 5 qt pots. Perfect for small families and rental apartments. My lease states that i am not allowed to install dishwashers but this little machine is really a way to trick your landlord.

Has worked perfectly for the several months i have had it. It’s used 3-4 times a week and i do rinse the dishes before i load them and haven’t had to rewash many items. There were some issues with the pressure when it was connected to a spray arm faucet, but has had no issues after it was switched to hook up to a standard faucet. I use finish pods and every so often one will not completely dissolve in the cycle but it is a rare occurrence. It runs pretty quietly, and has cycles as quick as 45 minutes. Overall, a lifesaver to have in the kitchen.

This dishwasher came in on time, which means a lot to me. It was packaged in a brown cardboard box. When opened, it was in a box you would find an item it, explaining the product. It was well packaged with padded cardboard in addition. It’s perfect, no dents nor scratches. No parts are missing, which is also a plus for me. I read instructions, hooked up to faucet, then dishwasher, crossing my fingers there would be no leaks. I loaded dishwasher, put in my tablet and rinsing aid and turned on. Unfortunately, my counters at not very deep, so i have a cart that i had on standby, just in case. I did as others mention, putting the drain water to run out into the sink over other dirty dishes in a pan. I used the pot setting since dishes were sitting in the sink for several hours before i had time to actually connect the dishwasher. Dishes are washing right now, so i will update later about how clean it came out.

Technically my building doesn’t allow washers – dish or clothes – or dryers, as they pay gas and water. I was told, however, that now i actually use less water. Apparently this thing uses roughly three gallons a wash – less for china/glass setting and a bit more for pots/pans setting. With little dishwasher tabs i found at walmart for a small dishwasher like this, i haven’t had to handwash most of my dishes. I grew up with a dishwasher and moving to a place that didn’t allow them was horrible for me – my mom gave me all the cast-iron she couldn’t lift any more and one of the pots i use a lot is a 13-gallon round dutch oven. I was getting inspected almost every month for illegal clothes- or dish-washers because of making stew and soup. So when i suddenly started using 40+ less gallons a month i got inspected again – in the middle of a wash. The building management had never heard of something like this, and when i showed them the five-gallon rinse bin in the sink the washer wasn’t even filling up(for my cast iron/lead-crystal/fine china family stuff) on a pots/pans cycle they started looking at these things to hand out the info when people asked about dishwashers. It comes with everything you need to set it up save maybe a wrench – my sink had a cap on the faucet that needed to be unscrewed. I’m currently trying to find a wheeled cart for mine because it needs to be above sink level to clear the hoses unless you detach and drain them every use but i just don’t have the room on my very limited counter-space. I also don’t feel like risking my back picking this thing up off the floor every time. My window a/c unit weighs about half what this does and i nearly kill myself twice a year setting that up. Despite the complaining i love this thing and it was worth every bit of money, effort, and time – and every pulled muscle – i paid buying this thing. And getting it up the victorian apartment-house staircase.

I bought this month ago, i’ve used it about 40 times now. Its been a good dishwasher and i have only a couple suggestions for someone who is looking to purchase this dishwasher. To my knowledge none of the counter top dishwashers have a heat element to dry your dishes. The trick is you open up the washer right after its finished, leave it open a couple inches and let all the steam out while everything is still hot and they dry nicely. Make sure there is no standing water on top of things other wise that will come back and get you. I use it every night cause i can only fit about 4 glasses, 3-4 medium plates, the silverware and maybe a small pot. Pre wash your dishes a bit, if its dried on to the plate or pan its probably not going to come off.

It’s perfect for a one or two person household. I had an older version which was fine for about 6 years but then started leaking through the plastic window panel in the front, and also eventually water supply was slow. Since it cost me less than $300 it was good value for money spent over the years. Eventually relented and replaced with this new model. This one is a great improvement. Cleans well, can fit medium size pots and pans, larger plates you can get in if you tip them at major angle, but not very water or power efficient to wash that way. Gets glasses, cutlery, crockery very clean. The rack is a better design as it has slots for leaning wine glass stems, and space for large objects like pots. I can get a roasting pan in there too. Super easy to snap on and off drain and water feed tubing from kitchen tap. Just make sure you measure the spot you will put it in first as it is quite tall. I have mine on counter-top next to taps under some cabinets.

The dandby has functioned well in our small apartment for the last three years. It cleans dishes well and is of sufficient size to wash a meal’s worth for my family of 4. It is fairly tall and has a decent sized footprint so a person would do well to look into the dimensions of the dishwasher versus his own counter space.

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Danby DDW611WLED Countertop Dishwasher - White
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