EdgeStar BIDW1801SS 18″ Built-In Dishwasher Review

A dish washer is one of the appliances that can be found in a typical home nowadays. As we can notice from its name, these appliances can aid us in cleaning our used dishes as well any other used utensils and cups. It saves a lot of labor and time. It is one of those inventions that revolutionized the way we perform our household chores.

EdgeStar has released its new household-type dishwasher in the market. As it is promising to provide its users the best dishwashing experience one could ever had at affordable prices, and as the company is committed to provide space and budget saver efficient appliances, a deeper understanding on how this new product can help us is necessary.

Knowing what it can offer us, its features, pros and cons through an EdgeStar BIDW1801SS 18″ Built-In Dishwasher review is a must. This way, we will be able to decide how effective and efficient it is; and that is the way a smart consumer should do the shopping.


This new dishwasher has an 8 place setting capacity; that refers to the maximum loads it can handle per washing batch. Each of the place contains a normal size plate, a dinner plate, a saucer, a glass, a teacup, a dinner knife, and a set of utensils which includes a piece of fork, spoon and tablespoon.

Most dishwashers in the market can hold only three to four places at a single washing load. The great thing about EdgeStar BIDW1801SS is that even though it is small, its loading capacity is great. The plates, utensil etc used by an average family in a single dinner can be loaded in a single batch load of the dishwasher. There would still even some room remaining for several cutleries and cups.

Types of Trays, Baskets and Racks

EdgeStar BIDW1801SS Dishwasher also contains trays and baskets used to hold your dishes. There are two pull-out type racks. A glass tray and a silverware basket is also included. These accessories are specifically designed to hold your dishes properly and safely while the machine is running.

Due to the amount of water pressure and the vibrating motion in every cycles, durability of this holders are necessary. Size, shape and thickness of the plates, cups and cutleries are also considered while designing the said racks and trays. Through this, different dishes can be cleaned using the machine.

Dimension and Weight

Since the machine is designed to address residential dishwashing needs, it is designed to fit in small areas. It is 18 inches wide, stands 32 and a half inches and a depth of 22 inches.

Talking about convenience, the machine weighs only 55 lbs. or almost 25 kilograms. It can easily be transported even upstairs. That will save the user a lot of money in the installation because it will not require a lot of personnel to carry the machine.

Dishwasher Console

The controls are full-console type; it includes buttons and a dial selector for triggering instructions such as the changing of cycle as well as the power button. Indicator lights are also present and give a signal if a cycle just started and what the current power status of the machine is. Through the buttons, you can also start and pause the operation.

This will let you put another dishes even when you have started the cycle. It operates silently avoiding any noise pollution and any disturbances to the household. It also has an end-of-wash buzzer to notify the user that the dishes are completely clean and can already be remove from the dishwasher.


The user can choose between six different cycle types to use for their dishes. The heavy, normal, light, glass, speed, and rinse. You can use the heavy wash if you have greasy dishes or plates that is left overnight where leftover foods became hard to remove. It takes a longer time compared to the other cycles yet, it has the greatest cleaning capability among the six.

Nonetheless, normal washing cycle is for those typical used dishes. It is a little bit faster than the heavy wash yet it can still perform efficient cleaning for the plates, cups and utensils. Another special feature the product can offer is the Glass cycle. Specifically designed for the glass wares and other sensitive dishes that are sensitive and easy to break, this cycle can ensure that there are no cracks and scratches in your plate after stains, food leftover and dirt are removed. Speed is a choice for those who are always in a hurry or those who cannot wait for too long. Last is the rinse cycle; it is used to completely clean the plates from detergents. You can also do a double rinse if you want to make sure that there are no detergent residues and odors left. But most of the time, a single rinse is more than enough.


It has a built-in configuration which means that it can be placed in your kitchen counter tops and cabinets. It saves a lot of spaces and provides a neat look for the kitchen. Built-in dishwashers have more features than the movable one. As a matter of fact, built-in ones ensure a noise-free operation. Since it is kept between cabinet and works with insulations, it prevents noise pollution. Portable, mobile or movable dishwashers don’t come with the said supports so annoying sound is produced while using them.

On the other hand, the machine uses two spray arms to effectively clean your dishes. In addition, the EdgeStar BIDW1801SS’s mechanism includes a driving system and a 120 Degree Fahrenheit’s Inlet Water Capability.

Material Type

It is made of food-grade stainless steels to ensure that it can clean your dishes safely. This also provides the interior a durable and classy finish. And because it is made from stainless steel, oxidation, rusting, algae formations or even food stains will never be present within the machine.

Inner casing durability and strength are important since it is always in contact with water. It also promotes safety for the users since the electrical parts of the machine are kept safe from the flowing water used for cleaning.

Electrical Specifications and Consumption

It operates using a 120 voltage and 60 Hertz frequency. It also requires 1100 Watts and a current 1.0 Amperes. Since it is using a heated wash and dry cycles, it contains a heater that requires 8.2 Amperes for the current. To make it simple, it consumes an average of 270 kilowatt hours of a year for a typical household use.

Since the average cost per kilowatt hour in the USA is 12 cents, you will only pay for approximately 32 dollars and 40 cents per year for its electrical consumption. That would be just $2.70 per month.


Being small in terms of size, cleaning the unit is so much easy. Cleaning is needed to prolong the machine’s life and to avoid potential problems. And since it is a dishwasher that is directly used for cleaning your plates, cups and utensils and cups, cleaning is necessary to keep the it hygienic.

On the interior, the spray arms are the parts that need special and consistent cleaning. It maybe blocked by food residues or even undissolved detergents if not well-maintained. Even though the racks, tray and basket are cleaned by the machine itself on any wash cycle, wiping it with a dry cloth after use would also help. In addition, wiping the exterior with a damp cloth will provide your machine a shiny, classy appearance.


With its stainless steel exterior materials, it gives a classy look in your kitchen. Nonetheless, it will be great in modern houses as well as in traditionally designed ones. Its shiny, full-body color will perfectly fit and beautify your kitchen.

In addition, aside from the stainless steel color which the last two letters SS on the machine’s name EdgeStar BIDW1801SS stand for, there are also other colors available. You can also opt between the black and the white one.


The machine is also qualified in the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) regulations which means it contains an Energy Star Rating. Not all appliances in the market in this time and age contain this rating. In addition, it is one of the important consideration in purchasing any appliances because an Energy Star rated appliances contained a lot of features.

The dishwasher’s Energy Star Rating proves that the product is efficient in terms of its input-process-output system, consumes using just little electricity and water, saves a lot of operation costs which is beneficial for the users and is also environmental-friendly. In addition, it is California Proposition 65 approved which means using it will not cause cancer and birth defects.The manufacturing, materials, and operation of the said machine did not use and will not release any substances and chemicals that could be harmful for the environment and for anyone.


To ensure that the product you have just purchased is in good working conditions, a limited manufacturer’s warranty is included it the package. It covers a duration of one year starting from the date you have purchased the item. Within that said period, they will provide you the spare parts and labors for the repair if you need it.

However, since it is a limited warranty, there are also items that this will not cover. Owner’s negligence that results in wears and tears, shipping cost and labor, installation cost and labor as well as the problems that can arise in shipping (damages, lost items).

User’s Manual

Even though it is easy to use, a user manual is provided within the package. This is to give the user a more detailed description of the product. This 34-paged user manual includes important safety precautions such as electrical safety and general safety.

It also discusses details about the, water heater safety precautions, parts identifications, installation preparation and instructions, operating instructions, water temperature, uses of wash cycles as well as the detergent dispenser, loading guidelines, maintenance, troubleshooting, specifications and the EdgeStar BIDW1801SS dishwasher’s warranty details. Through following this guidelines, the user can ensure the product’s and his or her safety while maximizing the use of the it.

Additional Safety Features

When purchasing an appliance, it is practical and essential that it has functions that will protect the user as well as the machine itself from possible harms. To ensure that the machine is positioned properly while installing it, a leveling leg is provided within the design. It can be adjusted to fit the flooring which ensures that it is in stable position. This avoids the rocking motion which may damage the machine’s exterior and produce unnecessary and annoying sounds.

A door lock is also present which will ensure the user’s safety. Dishwashing motion and water pressure inside the machine while it is doing the cycle may cause the plates and cutleries to throw away if the door didn’t have a safety lock.


To aid you in deciding whether or not you will purchase the machine, you must understand the benefits it can offer. There are a lot advantages you can gain while using the machine yet, here are the most important ones:

  • The machine is not bulky, yet it can hold a great capacity of 8-place. Not all dishwashers of the same price have this feature.
  • It is a real space-saver. With its petite dimension, you can be sure that it will not occupy a lot of space in your kitchen that you could use for other purposes.
  • It is a practical choice. Even though it costs over $300, it is a good investment. You can save a lot of time and effort though using it. In addition, the maintenance and operating cost is also cheap.
  • It is environmental-friendly. Through it’s Energy Star Rating, you can make sure that the machine does not use too much electricity inefficiently. Because of the same reason, production of additional greenhouse gasses is lessened.
  • It is easy to use. Through it’s easy control, almost everyone can operate it. The design of its dialer and button makes it less complicated.
  • It is safe to use. Through its door lock, Prop 65 rating as well as its UL listing, you are ensured that it attains the requirements on nationally recognized Standards for Safety.
  • It is very stylish. It is elegant looking due to the stainless steel exterior.
  • It is durable. Because of the high-quality and premium materials used for building the machine as well as its mechanisms, you can ensure that you could use it for a long time.


Since nothing is perfect, there would always be a negative side to everything. The cons of using the said dishwasher are the following:

  • It is not movable. Since it is a build-in type, you cannot always move it anywhere you want from time to time. Once it is installed, moving it to another place would take some time, money and effort.
  • It is not ADA Certified. Even though it can be used even by those persons riding a wheel chair, it is not already approved by the 1992 Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • It is not approved for commercial uses. Given its small design and capacity limited to a household, it cannot support the dishwashing needs on restaurant, fast food chains and other businesses.
  • It didn’t have a safety child lock feature. Even though a door lock is provided to protect the user and the dishes, the design doesn’t contain a lock especially designed for kids who open the door while the machine is working or may manipulate and play with the controls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the machine include a Sabbath mode?
A: No, it doesn’t.

Q: Does it include a drying system?
A: A drying system for the dishes is included in every unit. To be specific, it uses a heated drying system.

Q: What other accessories are needed in the installation?
A: A power cord. You also need to purchase a dishwasher’s connection kit.

Q: Does the door automatically closes?
A: No. You need to open and close it manually before and after you can load it.

Conclusion EdgeStar BIDW1801SS 18″ Built-In Dishwasher

Purchasing the said dishwasher is a great investment. It may contain some flaws but it is a great deal compared to other products of the same price in the market. It will provide a wide variety of benefits for the users and will save you a lot of time, money and effort.

It will provide you and your family comfort and assurance when it comes to washing your dishes. To sum it up, if you have the money and you are looking for a dishwasher for your household, EdgeStar BIDW1801SS is a great choice.

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