EdgeStar Countertop Portable Dishwasher : Not a built in obviosuly, but Wow

Ok first and foremost anyone complaining about how the dishes aren’t always clean or dry has obviously not used a dishwasher before. Yes if you don’t rinse the dishes they don’t get clean but i’ve had full size dishwashers that thisis also true. You do need to use jet dry or something similar with this one or else the dishes are still wet. In general i’ve had this washer for 3 weeks and i’m in love with it, it does a great job and once you learn the washing settings it doens’t take a rally long time. The noise other people complain about. . Well it’s called the noise a dishwasher makes. . If you are short on space and have 1 or 2 ppl in the house this is the perfect dishwasher for you.

I just got one of these guys, since i just moved and it seemed cheaper to buy a portable dishwasher than to pay more for rent to have an apartment with a built-in dishwasher. Anyway, it seems to work pretty swell. I had some dishes backed up in the sink (been busy) and i was able to do them all in 2 loads. Instead of spending 30 min or whatever it would have taken me, i loaded the dishwasher in a couple of minutes and went to work cleaning the rest of the kitchencertain items are a little tricky to wash in it, like wooden spoons, spatulas, etc, but i just wash them by hand. I would venture to guess that this isn’t any different in other counter-top models. My only advice: if you have more than 2 people living in your household, go bigger – and since this is just about the biggest counter-top model, you should be looking at a different type of product.

EdgeStar Countertop Portable Dishwasher for 6 Place Settings – Silver

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  • Cycles: Heavy, Normal, Eco, Glass, Speed, Rinse and Hold
  • Holds plates up to 10.5″ in diameter
  • ENERGY STAR certified, 120 Volts/60 Hertz
  • Easy-to-use digital controls with delayed start
  • Quick connect adapter included for most kitchen faucets
  • DWP60ES

Well after using this dishwasher for a short time i got to say i’m very happy with it. Dose very well for normal plates and silverware. Note to any one looking at getting one. Remember this is a counter top unit so it doesn’t quite have the power of a full sized unit but for most normal stuff is fine. I do prerinse stuff before i stick them in if we have a messy meal. Such as stuff with sauce or grease. If i have any problems i will come back and update this review. Update: i have now used this dishwasher daily now for three months.

This dishwasher was a definitely lifesaver for me. I was constantly running partial loads in our regular dishwasher for baby bottles, so we bought this. It holds all my baby bottles for a full load and i can wash a full load of our regular dishes in our full size dishwasher at the same time (using 2 different sinks of course). I haven’t washed anything but baby stuff in it, but it has worked excellent for us and i will continue to use it for other things once the bottles are gone. 🙂 the dishes come out a little wet, but i just prop the door open for a while and let them air dry the rest of the way. It does take up a bit of counter space, so i would recommend a roll away cart to give you some extra room if you have a small kitchen.

Just recieved this and used it for a week, this item is a lifesaver. While it is a bit short for my plates (just lean them over) the dishes come out clean, it is not that noisy, and it fits perfectly under my cabinets. I will follow up on long term issues (if any) but first impressions are outstanding. The lack of the silly window in the front like most of these have, and the fact that it is larger than most on the market allows for a bit more ‘wiggle room’ when loading, (especially if your plates are 12′ and the unit is designed for 10. 5′ plates) and the worries about the window leaking are gone.

EdgeStar Countertop Portable Dishwasher for 6 Place Settings – Silver : Yes it does work like the big ones do. You have to be a little careful because some plates etc. Will block the arm from moving. Other than that does a pretty good job.

We rent and couldn’t plumb a built-in, so it works for us. There’s only two of us, so we don’t run it everyday, but it’s nice to have so there’s less unhappiness about unwashed dishes in the sink. The best is when we have parties, since cleaning up the aftermath can be daunting the next morning. We used to have dinner parties 2-3 times a month, we’re now up to 3-6 times a month since we got the dishwasher. It does take up a lot of counter space near the sink (you need to connect the hot water hose to it), so i would not recommend to people who can’t bear to give up that real estate.

I love this countertop dishwasher. It saves me a lot of cabinet space since i didn’t have to remove or remodel parts of my kitchen to get it. Just set it up there near your sink and attach the hose to your faucet when you are about to run a load. It does take a lot longer i think than traditional washers (it has 5 wash settings running from 45 minutes for light cleaning without drying to 112 minutes for heavily soiled dishes) but it gives me more confidence that even though it is small it is getting the job done. It also can hold a surprising amount of dishes once you get your tetris skills working.

This is a nice dishwasher for those with limited kitchen space. The diswasher itself has more room than my previous unit. The only drawbacks that i have noticed are 1) the full wash cycle is a little long–about 1hr, 15min. 2) read the instructions on operating, not complicated just a little different. So far i have been very happy with it, i would recomend it if you’re thinking about a countertop diswasher.

This dishwasher is a godsend. It is an excellent size; actually, it’s a little bigger than i expected, but it worked well for all my dishes and can even do pots and pans. It sits right on my counter and there have been no leaks or problems of any kind.

Update:it’s still a great washer but here are some tips:1. Make sure you regularly hand-tighten the cables in the back or you will spend a lot of time trying to figure out why it leaks. (you can kinda get your hand in the crevace in back. It will take forever to was dishes or not to as great a job unless it’s on the cup/single wineglass setting. Anything further to the right = a good few hours a load. The red light in the middle means you need to a add dish drying agent (the blue stuff)–without this it starts washing and drying poorly. Pour in enough so the light goes out. Apparently it’s the compartment underneath the compartment visible that your are filling (when you do that rather than the upper compartment it will last a month like it says it will in the manual.

If you’re expecting this to work like a standard dishwasher, don’t purchase it. For what it is — a small, countertop dishwasher, it’s great. A few negatives — the dry cycle doesn’t fully dry the dishes, it’s very, very small (our dinner plates don’t fit properly) and if you overload it, the dishes don’t come out clean. You also have to rinse off all food particles on dishes and silverware before loading, or else the food won’t come off. However, if you don’t have room for an under the sink dishwasher, this will do the trick. It’s easy to install, pretty quiet and the wash cycle is relatively quick. Just don’t expect to get the power/space of a standard dishwasher.

I bought this edgestar countertop dishwasher about 6 weeks ago and am so glad i did. I read many reviews before making my purchase. It does take up more space than i thought it would so be sure you have extra counter space and read the dimensions (i didn’t). But, it’s okay that it’s a bit large because that means that it fits more dishes.It’s not for a large family but is perfect for my family of 3. We run it every few days (depending on how often i cook). I was surprised at how clean my dishes were after a wash. It does just as well (if not better) than your normal size dishwasher. After the wash the dishes are still wet but the manual tells you to leave the door open for a few minutes to dry. Sure enough- after about 5 minutes the dishes are dry.

I purchased this unit to replace an out-of-production equator compact dishwasher that was in need of service. This unit installed easily and washes great. The only downside i have found is that it fits fewer large dishes and has a longer wash cycle than my old equator. But it uses less water and is whisper quiet. I rated this four stars simply because large pots need to be washed by themselves – they wont fit with other dishes in the washer.

This dishwasher does a great job cleaning and fits enough dishes, utensils and glassware for two people. Sometimes it takes a few tries to fit everything in so that the sprayer can reach, but with careful loading it has done well. I do rinse off large food particles, but it’s had no trouble cleaning, even dried-on orange juice pulp from glassware. I wish it were about an inch taller so that my small cutting board would fit, but if i’m running a smaller load, i can fit it in at an angle. It is quieter than i expected, which is good in my apartment. I did have a drip from the faucet adapter, but some teflon tape around the threads and an extra washer cured that. The hose connectors on the unit are plastic and i am worried about how they’ll hold up for the long term, so i’m extra careful when disconnected the unit and curling the hoses up behind the unit. When it first arrived, the hoses were a bit stiff and hard to wrangle, but with some use they’ve softened up and become more manageable. Before i bought this, i was unaware that countertop dishwashers existed and skeptical of their effectiveness, but i’m very happy with this purchase.

We’ve had our edgestar countertop dishwasher for almost 8 years now. It looks exactly like this model. (ours is a dwp60es) i have used it just about every day and sometimes multiple times a day. I will say that, because i own a lot of cast iron handle cookware, i still do hand wash the majority of my pots and pans, but our dishwasher does everything else. It also fits the insert to our 6qt instant pot, so i sometimes wash that in there. This machine has really exceeded my expectations. For almost 8 years it has been a trooper. It’s also a stainless interior which is super easy to clean (run a short/rinse cycle with vinegar – never bleach on stainless. ) you can pull apart the filters and rinse them if your dishes start coming out less than sparkly (which you should do on a regular basis anyways. ) the filter section is 3 pieces and takes all of 2 minutes to clean, you can brush the fine mesh with an old toothbrush if for whatever reason it seems filmy. I usually use the 45 minute cycle as i’ve found it cleans the best for our needs. It does not dry like the long cycle, but the dishwasher is hot so i just crack it and the dishes are largely dry anyways fairly quickly.

I bought this when i moved to a place that did not have a dishwasher , i was able to set it up fairly quickly and loved the way it cleaned.

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