Fisher & Paykel Fisher Paykel DD24DAX9 Double DishDrawer – Need someone to contact me

Though i did not buy this model through amazon – the price is the same at all dealers in my area – i was happy to buy this brand again. My first f-p dish drawers with similar features lasted 17, yes, 17 years, with maybe 2 service calls. I just replaced them when they finally needed a part that was no longer made, related to the draining function. They still performed like new. We like the flexibility and efficiency of running only one drawer as needed, or two with different loads. Quiet, excellent cleaning, nice features. We have had this model for two months.

Edit: updating my review from 1 to 3 stars. The local fisher paykel authorized service technician finally did get back in touch and looked at the dishwasher. Apparently if you put something in the dishwasher which is ‘too big’ water can slosh over and activate the flood detector. I don’t recall ever putting anything really large in the dishwasher, but it’s fairly simple to open the unit up and dry it out once someone shows you how to do it. The other comments still apply. This dishwasher is not very adjustable and best suited for people whom mostly use traditional plates. Larger soup bowls and bowl-like plates don’t fit very well, so i end up washing 40% of every pile of dishes by hand. I’m writing this review as a warning to potential buyers. I bought the slightly older model of this dishwasher (dd24dax8) around 17 months ago, and it just failed with an f1 error 5 months after the warranty expired. F1 indicates a problem with the flood control detector, so either the detector malfunctioned or there is a leak.

Love this thing, recommend highly. Washes dishes, runs quietly and allows a ton of room for all kinds of stuff. Here are the specifications for the Fisher & Paykel Fisher Paykel DD24DAX9 Double DishDrawer:

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  • 24″ Drawers Full Console Dishwasher with 6 Wash Cycles, 14 Place Settings, Quick Wash, ADA Compliant, Energy Star Certified, DishDrawer™ Technology, SmartDrive™ Wash in Stainelss Steel with Recessed Handles

Love the double drawer system. My only complaint is the tines to hold dishes up. They won’t stand up properly. I called about it and no one got back to me.

I bought this 8 months ago during a kitchen remodel. I mostly use the top one; it’s so easy to load and unload, no bending down, no giant door sticking out in the room. When i have company i use both washers, put larger things like casserole dishes and pots in bottom and everything else on top. Together they equal a tall tub dishwasher in capacity, but since you can wash half a load at a time i’m not hand washing those things i use often but only have one of (favorite mug, etc. It runs quiet and cleans perfectly. Has a 33 minute complete cycle which is great if you don’t have stuck on food. I highly recommend this dishwasher – i can’t imagine anyone not liking it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Need someone to contact me
  • The best dishwasher ever!!!! Read my review.
  • Great dish draw!!!

With only the two of us for the most part i can run just the top everyday, but if we have company i can run both. There is no bending to empty it so helps my bad back also.

I purchased this as a replacement double dishdrawer for one that was worn out after 12 years of hard use. Unfortunately, it was poorly packaged and arrived damaged beyond use with a critical component broken. The good news is that amazon quickly picked up the damaged product the next business day and promptly issued a refund for not only what i paid for the product, but what i had paid to the nearest authorized service person who had driven two hours one-way to install it. I re-ordered the product, drove to pick it up personally, and re-scheduled the installer. The dishdrawers are worth this effort. We entertain frequently and use both drawers at those times. They can run at the same time or separately. When it is just the two of us, one drawer is adequate to hold several days’ worth of dishes. The drawers have few moving parts, are very quiet, and are both water and energy efficient. Most importantly, they do an excellent job of cleaning dishes.

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