Fisher & Paykel Fisher Paykel DD24DCTX7 DishDrawer 24″ Stainless Steel Semi-Integrated Dishwasher – Energy Star – Great Customer Service

I’m shocked that no one mentions the real benefit to a 2 drawer unit. You dont have to put your dishes away. You dont have to put your dishes away. You work off the clean drawer and load into the dirty drawer. It is like someone finally figured out, ‘hey wouldnt it be great if our kitchen cabinets cleaned the dishes and we did not have to shuffle them around.

I have the prior model, with 5 settings you set inside the drawer. We have had it repaired 2x under the whole house repair contract, which runs $400 a year. It is mostly very quiet, some times the pump makes a loud noise. It is amazing how clean it gets the dishes and potscleaning out the food screen is annoyingthe plastic parts inside eventually break, but that’s after 10 yrs. I’m look at the new one to check pricing. Will be interesting to decide on new 2 drawer versus a bosch which has an all stainless inside and super quiet and about 2/3rd the price.

Has it for 4 months and still working great. I tend to since it clean before put into the washer to avoid clogging. Love it easy to get the dishes in and out easily. Here are the specifications for the Fisher & Paykel Fisher Paykel DD24DCTX7 DishDrawer 24″ Stainless Steel Semi-Integrated Dishwasher – Energy Star:

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  • 14 Place Settings
  • 9 Wash Cycles featuring Eco Option
  • 163 Degree Sanitizing Temperature
  • Delay Start
  • Adjustable Racks

Update: i purchased this dishwasher about a year ago and no issues so far. 3/14/14i didn’t buy from amazon, and i bought an extra warranty due to some of the reviews i’ve seen. A drawer style dishwasher was my only option due to a design flaw in the kitchen. Purchased march 2013, so far no issues with the dishwasher. I like being able to save water and only run a single drawer at a time, but have the option of running both when needed. Each drawer only uses 2 gallons of water for a full wash cycle. With a typical dishwasher i have to run the rinse cycle at least once to keep it from stinking until i am able to fill it and run a full cycle. The installers told me to make sure to not put anything too tall in the drawer as it would prevent it from sealing during the wash cycle and cause leakage. I have some large dishes, but they fit; no i cannot fit some of my large cutting boards and cookie sheets, but those won’t fit or barely fit in many dishwashers.

Have had the dishwasher installed for almost 2 months. I can’t believe how this has changed my life. I run one of the two drawers every couple days vs running my old dishwasher once a week. I have run both drawers simultaneously as well when i had lots of dishes from a dinner party and it worked great. The only complaint is there is no light in the dishwasher which is pretty standard now. It is not the end of the world but would be a nice to have so you don’t have to have all the lights in the kitchen turned on.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Met All of My Expectations and Changed How I Do Dishes
  • Love it. has it for 4 months and still
  • Great Customer Service

I bought this about 6 months ago and have been pleasantly surprised, as i read the review on last years model and saw they had a challenge with customer service. I was curious as to wether or not i could use the tab soap, (you can now)they were polite and helpful. The double drawers are convienient. . Especially when one drawer is clean and you don’t have time to unload prior to throwing more in the other drawer.

I was very excited to see that this was in the new home we bought, i have wanted to have the drawers as they seem as if they would be convienient. I love the fact that i can run a small load at any time. My dishes are always clean and dry and i love how quiet it is.

We bought the panel ready double dish drawer from a local dealer and have been using about 7 months. Con: this dishwasher needs a way to easily be screwed into the floor. It currently only mounts under your countertop and it stands on it’s feet. Because our house is old and the floors aren’t level, the washer ‘walks’ a little bit every few days, and my husband has to get it back into alignment for the drawers to open properly. It needs a way to secure to the cabinetry on the left and right, and to the floor. We are currently working on a homemade fix to this installation issue. The filter screen is very fine, and you must rinse off large debris before loading. Pro: excellent cleaning ability. Just for fun for several weeks, we ran our dishes without soap. Granted, we rinsed them lightly, and ran the washer right away, not allowing them to sit.

All of the negative reviews online almost prevented me from getting the fisher & paykel dishdrawer a few years ago but a couple family members have the dishdrawer for years and love everything about it so i decided to put one in my house anyways. Two years in and it as worked great. I went from a kitchenaid dishwasher which worked fine but its like they say you don’t know what your missing until you try something new/different. We are a family of 4 and the dishdrawer works great. We run the top drawer every other day which is great because with our old kitchenaid dishwasher we would have to wait to fill up the whole dishwasher because we never wanted to run it unless it was full. When we have people over and have more dishes then we load the top and bottom drawers. The only negative about this dishdrawer is that it takes a little bit of time to learn how to load it. I used to just throw all my dishes into my old kitchenaid without really thinking about it but the dishdrawer is different and there is a methodology to loading it. Once you get it down it becomes second nature. My wife hasn’t learned how to load it and i don’t think she ever will so i usually have to go adjust everything after shes down which usually creates 50% more space.

We have this machine at our main and lake homes. We just sold our main home and remodeling a kitchen in new place with all new appliances. We are definitely buying one. It is quiet and does a good job. Read about stainless ring in base getting dirty??. We rinse food off our plates before putting in dishwasher so never a problem. Most of the time just my wife and i so we like using top drawer and not waiting a few days to run.

I used to hate always having to wait for a full dishwasher to be loaded before i can run it. Most nights i just use the top drawer because i hand wash my good pots and pans. I love that i can put so many place settings into the dishdrawers. The organization of the tines is well thought out. I usually only use the bottom drawer when i have a dinner party or have a few large bulky items. This also washes wine glasses without breaking them which is a huge plus. I have had three of these units in various homes and have never regretted it. I highly recommend this product.

What’s not to love about this dishdrawer. Love that this piece has a recessed handle, so didn’t have to worry about a handle matching the rest of my kitchen. Uses less than 2 gallons of water. Flushing the toilet, once, uses more water than this. No more waiting for the old, traditional dishwasher to be fully loaded before running. Plenty of room because there are 2 drawers. I can run a heavy load up top while washing our fine china on delicate cycle in lower drawer. Love not having to bend down all the time to load. My hubby has pulled the racks out, added ice and used as a cooler during parties.

I have an earlier model and i feel compelled to write a review after reading many of the comments on here. My dd603 is a 2002 purchase. There is a learning curve on how to load but once you figure it out, it is fantastic. One word of advice though, is to rotate your usage between drawers so one drawer doesn’t wear out before the other. I do not treat my dishwasher like a garbage disposal and always rinse my dishes before placing in the dishwasher. Secondly, once a quarter, i dump a gallon of vinegar in the washer and run it on hot. I live in houston where hard water is an issue. The vinegar cleans the appliance beautifully. I dread the day when it no longer works.

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