Frigidaire FFBD1821MS 18 Built-in Dishwasher – Great Dishwasher in New Kitchen Upgrade

Glad i read reviews of drying ability, as this machine does a good job of it, worth the extra $150.

Loving our new little dishwasher. We recently retired and downsized to a smaller house. The kitchen had no dishwasher. Having concerns about giving up so much cabinet space, our plumber suggested a smaller dishwasher, which i never knew existed. After reading all the reviews, and not finding any in stores, decided to order online. If you hire a plumber like we did, be sure to look it over beforehand for dents or damage in case you have to send it back. Ours had a small dent that i felt wouldn’t really show. The installation went great. Cleans dishes beautifully and nice and quiet.

The one i ordered online thru amazon cost me dearly when it leaked all over and my master plumber never had it do that as bad as this. I ordered from a big box store and really live this model. It cleans so much better than my last full size dw. Had to pay my plumber double for install.

  • Outstanding little machine!
  • Not as good as my od model.
  • Does a pretty good job washing the dishes

Nice stainless addition to new lg stainless fridge. Shipping came damaged with a few dings and bent frame. My plumber/installer was able to make it work. Once of screw on legs was nearly bent off. Would not order an appliance from amzn again.

Does an amazing job and is relatively quiet. Love that there is a 2 or 4 hour delay mode.

Features of Frigidaire FFBD1821MS 18 Built-in Dishwasher, Black/Silver

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  • Features easy-to-use cleaning cycle options for your different cleaning needs including Energy Saver, Light Wash and Heavy Wash
  • Removable, self-cleaning filter
  • Premium stainless steel interior for maximum durability

Came in with a dent in the back. I took pictures of the box because who likes to have issues with stuff they order online. But it was ok and the dent was in the back. And i’m glad i went stainless.

After a couple years, the door started squeaking. I have had this dishwasher for 6 years and i have hardly used it. I used it so infrequently that i forgot that it was frigidaire and called ge by accident. Ge was so nice and helpful about at least sending me out the parts for free since i had used the dishwasher infrequently and never had any other problems. When i gave them the serial number, they alerted me to the fact that this wasn’t a ge product. Then i called frigidaire and they were very unhelpful. It ended up being a 200$ repair. I won’t by frigidaire products ever again if it can be avoided. The customer service is better at ge and hopefully the next dishwasher i purchase won’t start squeaking after just 100 washes.

I never write reviews for anything, cant be bothered. But i read all the reviews on 18′ dishwashers before buying one, i always believed dishwashers were useless, everyone i know has to clean there dishes before using there’s or the dishes are spotty or still dirty. It seemed like the 18′ models offered even less features. But i am lazy, so i wanted one. I read what to look for and narrowed it down to this or a kenmore. I decided on this one because it had the most features i was looking for and like the other guy i found it really cheap somewhere else. Cheaper then even some of the cheap ones, this made me even more skeptical. When i installed it i found it actually has all the features i was looking for and its made by electrolux. I have had this for 6 months and i am still amazed how clean everything is. I have put this to the test (i am that lazy).

The dishwasher broke down on me about 3 months after installing it. It was used on a daily regular basis and one day it stopped loading up water in the basin. It was to late to return it, but it was still under warranty. The worst part is that noone wants to fix this dishwasher even though it’s under warranty.I called every single recommended appliance shop that frigidaire provided me and every single person said they don’t do warranty fixes. It appears the rate that frigidaire pays the appliance shop may be to low that it’s not worth anyone’s time to get it done. Don’t be fooled with the warranty on this dishwasher.

This dishwasher has been the best purchase. I purchased it for a rental i have with limited space. This dishwasher cleans better that my wife’s full size dishwasher. Not the cheapest but i can tell you worth every penny. Would buy again in a heartbeat. Would recommend to everyone that need a dishwasher for tight spaces.

Worked right out of the package, hooked it up and no problems however the silver ware basket is quite small,.

This dishwasher was priced below menards and lowes so it made sense to purchase on amazon. Plus, the free prime shipping was wonderful. Dishwasher fits perfectly next to my sink in place of a retro/1960s smaller cabinet.

I am still bummed that we didn’t have room for a full size dish washer but this 18′ works fine. We use regular liquid cascade and use the normal setting. I do pre rinse the dishes pretty well first. It is pretty quiet when it runs. We watch tv in the next room and the dishwasher is not disruptive at all. We still have to wash big items by hand.

Most important to me is that it is quiet in my small apartment and that it has a wash system for the upper and lower levels so that all dishes get the same level of cleaning.

I have this dishwasher in white, i bought it from a local store for only $299 because it’s a scratch & dent. I bought a fixer-upper townhouse that had a tiny kitchen corner in an otherwise large room (12 x 10), it ended up being ripped out and replaced. Since it’s just me, i opted for an 18 in dishwasher. I use $1 a bottle liquid detergent from dollar tree, and it does very well. Probably helps that though i live in the suburbs, i get city water, which isn’t hard. To save money, i use the air dry setting, then open the door to let any items needing it, to dry overnight. My contractor only needed a few parts from lowes to install, basically plumbing parts to connect to the sink. Make sure you run the hot water at the kitchen sink before running dishwasher. This not only reduces wash time, it saves money on having the dishwasher having to heat up the water from cold. Doing this also extends the life of your appliance, as the heating element isn’t used as hard.

So far this dishwasher is great – it gets the dishes very clean even on light setting. Not the quietest dishwasher, but the size is good and you can fit a lot for the 18′ width – we got it for a weekend cabin and the only thing i need to figure out is how to drain/winterize. The only complaint that i have is that sometimes that bottom rack comes off the tracks – it may be because we haven’t attached it to the counter yet though. Highly recommend if you need an 18′.

As an fyi though it is not standard dishwasher height, seems aost 2′ shorter so had to put a filler panel at the top junction with the counter.

Wanted to give the machine a few months of service before writing this review, of which the theme is in a word, outstanding. What a little pistol this frigidaire has been thus far. I come from great kitchens and good, expensive, full-size dishwashers; i’m picky and attentive to machinery. I dread buying plastic-based machines made in china. Was not sure what to expect from this ‘apartment’ dishwasher. I had it professionally installed by a plumber who knew what to do; a good place to start. I run it 3-4x a week, i keep the rinse-aid compartment full and i use a small-to-medium amount of dish washing detergent and use the light wash feature every time as an energy-saving attempt ~ it has never failed to deliver sparkling dishes, serve-ware and flatware which are done in the middle of the night (another energy-saving attempt) using the 2 or 4–hour delay start feature.

How in gods name are people making it these days without a garbage disposal first off. In the 70s thats the first thing we learned. God since 1983 things really are going to hell. Anyhoo, built in dishwashers are the greatest things since sliced bread. I think armour hot dogs and lafeyette bread hold the record. My dad said he went to a landfill and 5 years later the only thing standing was a armour hot dog. He said lafayette bread lasted so long it made wonder bread look bad. And why in gods name did they take the additives and preservatives out of food, it makes a biscuit so hard you could throw it through a window. Anyway this is a good dishwasher if you have a home and family.

I installed this by myself over a day, no experience, works great. We have minimal kitchen space so this was perfect for us.

I bought this to replace my previous frigidaire dishwasher, the precursor to this one, which finally quit after 21 years of service. The new one looks good and is very quiet, which makes me happy. However, there are numerous things i do not like. I absolutely hate the placement of the silverware caddy. It sits toward the center and blocks space for larger items and dishes too. This is just a pathetic design and makes no sense whatsoever. My old model had the caddy on the side, out of the way. And, who is going to take the time to put one piece of silverware into each of those little slots?. That also makes no sense to me. So, i removed the slotted gizmo and will likely toss it in the trash where it belongs. The top ‘shelf’ holds way fewer glasses than my old model and the lower one is smaller too. Forget about washing mixing bowls, pots and pans, or anything else that is on the large size unless you take out the silverware caddy and anything else on the bottom tray. You might squeeze in two large items but it would be smarter to just wash them by hand.

I was a little reluctant to order a dishwasher from amazon but it turned out to be great. Should activate unit this weekend.

I would be giving this a 5 star rating if i didn’t receive a bad unit. I returned it and immediately got a new one, this time one of the feet were bent. No biggie as i just used wood to prop up the foot that was bent and leveled it off from there. This seems to be either mishandling from the manufacturer or amazon’s warehouse. Ups i hope tries to be careful with these products, but who knows. Overall the dishwasher does work well, and i am very happy with my purchase.

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