Glide Signs Dishwasher Magnet Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnets – Never Mix Clean & Dirty Dishes – Quality Kitchen Gadgets – Home Accessories Office Organizer Scratch Free Sign – Magnetic Indicator, Installation not necessarily user friendly.

Update 1/19/18seller reached out to me and sent a replacement magnet. New magnet is working wonderfully. There is no longer confusion since the slider clearly stays on clean or dirty. It matches our stainless steel dishwasher nicely and looks better than those ugly plastic ones. However, we have a difficult time keeping it switched to the correct side. It usually ends up right in the middle with part of both words visible. This defeats the purpose of the magnet when we have to open up the washer and check the dishes anyway.

We are in the process of building a new home with a beautiful kitchen. I wanted a dishwasher sign that would look good on my new stainless appliances. This fitts the bill and dies not fall of the dishwasher like my old magnet.

It was challenging to find a sign that would work on a non-metal dishwasher – and this one has peel off attachment which can be used instead of a magnet. I wish the words were bolder, or on a solid color background as it’s a little hard to read. But definitely does the job and i’m grateful to have it.

Key specs for Dishwasher Magnet Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnets – Never Mix Clean & Dirty Dishes – Quality Kitchen Gadgets – Home Accessories Office Organizer Scratch Free Sign – Glide Signs Magnetic Indicator:

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  • MADE FROM HIGH QUALITY ALUMINUM not cheap plastic like the rest. This elegant indicator has a 100% waterproof finish that will suit any kitchen.
  • WON’T SCRATCH YOUR DISHWASHER – inbuilt industrial magnets are covered by soft silica to protect your dish washer. Magnetic and adhesive tabs option. Color & word guide. Solutions to Inspire designed clear letters to read GREEN is Clean & RED for Dirty.
  • MAGNETIC AND ADHESIVE STICKER OPTION. Works on all dishwashers, stainless steel, white, black, wood, cabinet doors. Looks great in designer kitchens. Solutions to Inspire makes this shutter small and sturdy. You will love it.
  • UNIQUE GIFT – Perfect for New Homes, Bridal Shower, Housewarming, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Wedding. Cool gifts for organizing Dad, Mom, Teens, Children, Husband, Wife, Nanny and Christmas Stuffers. Presented in a small, deluxe giftbox.
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Comments from buyers

“Update: Slider doesn’t stay in place, While a wonderful concept, this product is very flawed in its , Great! at first”

I like this particular sign because you don’t need to lift it off the dishwasher each time to change the sign. I believe scratching would occur eventually.

Update 12/17/17 i am giving this 5 stars now. The makers of this magnet sent me a new one after my review below. They said they reworked it after my review. Well, i have had it on my dishwasher for over a month now with absolutely no problem. Works great, holding together nicely. I believe it earns 5 stars now. I am not being paid for this review. I do believe that if a product is replaced with one that works, it deserves a new review. I have used this for a few weeks now. However, this week the magnet that was glued behind the sliding portion that says ‘dishes’ came off. Now when you open and close the dishwasher door, is slides over and misrepresents what is actually in the dishwasher. There is no way you can remove the sliding ‘dishes’ and replace/reglue the magnet.

My husband and i often work opposite hours and this has made life so much easier. None of the concerns i have seen in reviews for this or similar products have been an issue for us. The magnet holds very tight to our (non-stainless steel) dishwasher. The sliding part does not move when the door is opened and closed. My toddler has poked and grabbed at this a little, and while i am sure she could move it if she really wanted, so far the magnet has stayed right in place and this hasn’t caused the sliding part to shift unintentionally.

I received mine in the mail today. The magnets are very strong. We won’t have to worry about it moving around on the front of the dishwasher. It slides from clean to dirty very easy. One for a gift for my daughter. She’s very picky but i think she will love it. I was afraid it would be to big but it’s perfect. It comes in a very nice box.

Looks nice and is easy to read. The magnets are very strong, and the silica pads prevent it from scratching anything you stick it to. I wish the slider was a little longer to allow it to hang over/block out the ‘inactive’ edge (red/green rubber pieces on the ends); and that the track had a plastic sliding mechanism, as the metal-on-metal operation is a little odd feeling. Otherwise, this is a great little gadget.

This is definitely a heavier-duty little sign. The magnets on it work really well (no wiggling since i put it on my dishwasher about 2 months ago), and the sliding flap is holding strong, too, even with the beating it gets in my house with so many people playing with it.

The good: came with heavy duty two-sided tape, in case the magnets were not enough (as so many dishwashers lack metal surfaces. It does its job just fine (if in doubt, look closely at the thing. And hope your roommates use it reliably). The bad: weird to say, but the pictures made it look much larger than it actually is. The ugly: i will agree with the two-star reviews about how much better it could be. Were the letters indented, and/or a matte paint it’d be better (ugly in this case is critique rather than complaint).

Works fine as long as i remember to use it. Handy to have around, especially with a number of people living our house.

Maybe, you think; it’s “just”a kitchen magnet. Well, i’ve owned several, over the years; and, this one beats ‘em all. It is sturdy; and, it’s magnet is strong. Plus, the sliding function is easy, to use.

I am very impressed with how strong the magnet is. I am a little bit disapointed of the sign itself, is just the finishing on how it slides, for the price i was expecting a better finishing. I does the job and toddlers have not played with it because the magnet is so strong.

I did not know something like this even existed. We have used sticky notes or makeshift signs on the employee break room dishwasher to help people know if the dishes in there were clean or dirty. I was looking for kitchen supplies for the break room on amazon, and the advertisement for this little magnet showed up on the side of the web page, and i immediately purchased it. It’s perfect, and holds strongly to the dishwasher. It even includes special adhesive squares to afix the magnet to the dishwasher in case your dishwasher doesn’t have a spot for the magnet to work. One employee said she was going to buy one for her own dishwasher at home.

Handy gadget i like the heavy magnet on it. It should withstand the grandkids. It isn’t breakable like the last one i had. I think this is a good purchase and recommend it to anyone to needs something like this.

The magnet is strong and does not move from its position, however. The slider moves easily and the occasionally move from its position when unloading and loading the dishes. Once, i accidentally put away dirty dishes because the slider moved from dirty to clean.

We have 2 dish drawers and to keep the family informed on which drawer to use/not use, we had stuck a piece of paper in a command hook on both drawers. It looked pretty ratty after months of use. Saw these and whereas obviously functional, they look great too. Our dishwasher front is wood so we simply used command velcro strips to attach it.

It withstands 3 young kids (7-10)mine came with the slider – dishes – upside down. I contacted the manufacturer directly and they not only sent me another one free of charge, but they let me keep the defective onethanks so muchglide signs:i like the size of this lettering. I would like to see a version with larger version with larger slider / lettering for kids that don’t always pay attention.

I’ve been looking for something like this product for a long time. They were a gift, so i don’t know how well the recipient enjoyed them. I was surprised to see they came in an attractive box.

Excellent quality (worth the price). Comes with sticky backing if you want to use it (but i tossed that, since my dishwasher is magnetic). Out of all of the clean/dirty signs we’ve tried, this is the first one to actually function perfectly and not leave us guessing.

We used to have an index card with clean written on one side and dirty on the other attached to the front with a magnet. This is much better (and the index card was getting pretty rough). The magnet on this is strong and it stays in place, also, it looks like ‘part of’ the dishwasher so my grandsons aren’t tempted to take it off and play with it as they did the other magnet we used.

I’m always asking my husband if the dishes are clean or dirty, probably every day since we have different schedules. This sign is just a couple inches long and maybe an inch wide or so, so not too big. The sign came nicely packaged and with sticky tape precut so that i could tape the sign to my dishwasher if needed. Unfortunately the magnet wouldn’t work on my older dishwasher so i did add the tape. The tape is double sided and precut to fit the two squares on the back of the sign. It waa very easy to apply the tape and then i immediately pressed the sign against the dishwasher and haven’t had any issues with the sign falling off. The ‘dishes’ slides seamlessly from right to left so now i don’t have to ask my husband multiple times if the dishes are clean or dirty. Overall i am very pleased with this product. I hope you have found this review helpful to you.

Slides easily and is a great label. Attaches magnetically, but looks like it has adhesive for machines that don’t work with the magnet.

Slide action has no restriction when set to either clean or dirty position. Slide moves freely if mounted on a moving surface (door). Otherwise it looks great and is helpful when mounted on a solid surface.

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