Magic Chef MCSCD6W3 6 Place Setting Countertop Dishwasher – Great little machine

I bought a cheaper countertop dw and had to send it back after it broke. The magic chef is much better made and is working well.

This has been a ‘lifesaver’. I’ve purchased a home in the spring and it has a septic issue. The previous occupant evidently did not use nearly as much water as i do. Did not come with a dishwasher. I was living without one for a few months when i realized that one of my issues was that i was constantly washing dishes. I ultimately decided that with a dishwasher i’d be using less water – which is ultimately helping with the septic issue. (the leach-field isn’t draining quickly enough for my water usage – this is even worse when it rains. )it’s much, much more efficient than i am at doing dishes. Great until i can afford to have the kitchen and septic redone. After that it will make a great bar dishwasher or can give it away.

We were first unsure about it since we did not see any heating coils and have problems in our office to supply it with hot water. However, after the first run (with cold water), the dishes came out steaming hot. So i am not sure about everyone saying this unit is not heating. To me it seems it does indeed heat the water. For two years i cleaned the office dishes by hand and this is so much better. (in case the next run is resulting in cold dishes, i will update). — update — (aug 9, 2017)this unit definitely heats the water, so i am not sure why people state here it does not. Our faucet water was cold and all dishes came out steaming hot, the waste water going back to the sink was hot as well. Here are the specifications for the Magic Chef MCSCD6W3 6 Place Setting Countertop Dishwasher:

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  • 6 Place Settings, 680 Watts
  • 5 Programs with Quick Wash. Stainless Steel Interior
  • Floating Switch Anti-flood Device;The Magic Chef 6-Place Setting Dishwasher has a residual drying system
  • Detergent and Rinse Aid Dispenser
  • 70” Inlet Hose / 47” Outlet hose

If you’ve never had a dish washer before, there is a small learning curve. It will definitely save water. I highly recommend scrubbing caked on debris. Also, use less than half the amount of detergent for a full sized dishwasher. I’m in the process of getting the heating information each setting, as i cannot find any info online. The speed cycle is 45 minutes. The wash cycle heats up to 125°f, and the final rinse averaged 133°f. The glass cycle is 1 hour 10 minutes. The wash cycle heats up to 123°f, and the two rinses heated to 140°f. The normal cycle is 1 hour 25 minutes.

My daughter received this for christmas, and it is fantastic. Cannot believe how well made it is. Great for a small apartment or loft, or even at a wet bar. You must have hot water, and let dishes air or towel dry.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The Magic Chef is built better, doesn’t leak as much water from the hose
  • Amazing little machine
  • Cold water with hot results

I really can’t say enough about this little miracle, it doesn’t use much water, it’s quiet as far as dishwashers go and it works great. It was very easy to hook up.

It is a time saver except when it doesn’t release the dishwashing pellet. I have had 5 cycles in a row where the pellet did not release. At this point i am manually pausing the dishwasher, opening it and releasing the pellet to ensure the dishes get washed.

I wish i would of bought it years ago. I rinse off and put in dishwasher. No longer do i stand at sink and bare terrible back pain as i was the dishes. When full just hit the button. It’s very quiet and if you pack it as it shows you can get a lot into it. I love that it’s on the counter. I don’t have to bend to fill or empty it. Great for a small household. I still wash a few things, like plastic containers and pots & pans.

. I think before they sent my dishwasher they tested it to be sure it worked and did not fully drain the water from the inside. . ? so the card board on the inside got wet and had a distinct smell or standing water. Not to mention the condensation on the inside of the door. I sanitized it ran an empty load with detergent and the smell was gone in no time. Oooh it’s a lot bigger than i expected it to be. Quick an easy to put together and attach to the sink.

The output hose connection for the dirty water should have a washer to help prevent leaking. Our machine works well except for that we’ve had it for less than a week and have had to clean up some major leaking from the back of the machine which floods the counter. It seems to clean the dishes fairly well though.

I have limited room in my kitchen and i had a limited budget when purchasing this dishwasher so because it is smaller and less expensive than a full size i decided to give it a try. It is small enough to fit on my counter but not under my over hanging cupboards but that doesn’t bother me. The one rack in the dishwasher is about the size of the bottom rack if a full size dishwasher and i am able to fit allot of dishes in it at once and they come out very clean. The unit has one hose that you connect to your sink that fills the unit and drains. The first unit that arrived had a crack on the back but amazon replaced it promptly do i am giving this dishwasher and amazon 5 stars.

The dish washer is very good at cleaning glass ware, plates, and silver ware. I particularly like the water hose release valve. I release the pressure before removing the hose from the faucet. The only caveat that i have noticed is limited room for pots and pans. That limitation is intrinsic to the counter top design.

I am amazed at how well it cleans my dishes, even stuck on grim. I cannot praise this enough.

I’ve used this dishwasher about 10 times now and i’m very happy with it. It’s easy to use and fits quite a few dishes. The dishes come out very clean; though, i’ve been rinsing every plate before putting them in. My only complaint is that it takes a very long time (150 minutes for a regular cycle). The instruction manual says wash times vary depending on water temperature and pressure. However, after 10 years of hand washing, i don’t mind waiting 150 minutes for my dishes. I don’t have any extra counter space, so i purchased a kitchen cart for the dishwasher. The cart is a ‘seville classics professional chef’s kitchen cart with solid bamboo top. ‘ i found it on costco’s website for $100. I like it because the dish washer fits easily on the shelves and they are rated to hold up to 75 pounds.

This was the best decision and product i’ve purchased this year and i buy alot:). It works perfectly and it matches my white appliance kitchen.

I’m very happy with this countertop dishwasher after the first few weeks. It takes up a fair amount of counter space, think 70’s microwave, but there’s no way around that while keeping a useful capacity. The initial setup is very straightforward, and hooking up the water/drain hose each time is very easy with the quick-connect fitting, no leaks. It’s quieter than i expected. Multiple cycle options is good, i’ve not needed to go above the ‘normal’ option. Only ‘problem’ i’ve had is because it’s a 1 rack system and dishes are right on top of the jets, very lightweight items (plastic storage containers) have a tendency to get flipped over and just collect water. The first unit i received was unfortunately damaged in shipping and had to be returned. Amazon made this a painless as possible, paying to ship it back and sending a replacement immediately. Word to the wise – don’t cut the plastic straps that hold the crate together or pull apart the cardboard until you’ve inspected it. I needed pretty much an entire roll of packing tape to put it back together sturdily.

We are a family of 2 currently and this holds more dishes than we regularly use. It does a great job of cleaning the dishes.I was seriously impressed with how well it gets the job done. I was surprised by the quality of this dishwasher. The inside is stainless and quite large. My only complaint (which is my own fault for not checking dimensions) is that i was not expecting it to be quite so large. It takes up a large amount of countertop space.

Not having a washing machine in my apartment sucked. 3 years of scrubbing dishes and getting in fights with my significant other over whose turn it was to do the dishes. No morethis was easily the best purchase i’ve made in the past 5 years, it’s paid dividends in my health and well being. Don’t be scared away at an expensive table top dishwasher, this one is absolutely worth it. It works fantastically, fits all my dishes, and has gotten everything 100% shiny clean every time. Amazon should really increase the amount of stars you can give, because this one deserves 10 out of 5.

Works great in the rv while full-timing. We use the dishwasher almost daily (sometimes 3 times in a day when we have been bad). We bought plates that were at the recommended max size to make sure we were able to fit as much as possible. We fit a lot of dishes in it. You have to be a little creative and do some tetris. It also helps to start loading the back first. The tray doesn’t come completely out onto the door. Occasionally we will pull the silverware basket out and just fill it with pots to avoid hand washing. It always amazes us how clean it gets everything. Part of the cleanliness i think comes from using it in an rv.

It was an easy set up and did fit the counter top. Did the first load and the dishes turned out great. A little short for the dinner plates.

If you’re considering this as your first dishwasher for a small apartment, do it. Gone are the days when looking at my overflowing sink brought me to a crippling state of anxiety. After about a month, the glasses started coming out stained, but a quick vinegar cycle seemed to fix everything. Great little machine, so happy it hooks up to my sink.

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