SPT Countertop Dishwasher – Model: SD-2201W

Dishes are my most hated chore, even though i live alone. I only need to run it once or twice a week and minimal cleaning has kept it in great condition. I am in a studio apartment with very limited space, so i have it on a wheeled cart (also from amazon) and it is effortless to move it out from the wall to connect to the sink. As you can see in the picture, i stuck a hook on the side of the dishwasher to store the hoses, which works perfectly. Just make sure to always drain the hoses (i put a bowl on the floor) before storing them. The only thing keeping this product from a five star review is the fact that while it’s not unreasonably loud, it is loud enough when draining to be an annoyance (and terrify the cat, haha).

I live alone as a single gal in a 1 bed 1 bath apartment – and it’s perfect. I run it about 2 times a week & it takes care of everything. I tell people it’s like having the top rack of a dishwasher only. Before i bought this i read though a lot of the reviews. And i have a few comments regarding the critical reviews. You don’t have to buy anything additional to get this set up. Read the manual, it explains it. In my kitchen the little faucet end thing screwed off – and they provide another one that you screw on.

I did make a couple mistakes that i have seen others make. There were some issues with the door not opening on the soap dispenser. Upon closer review i found that the large dinner plate i had put in the washer was preventing the door from opening correctly to dispense the soap. I paid more attention to how i loaded the washer and now no issues. The knife and fork basket has two grates on top to put utensils into however the grate holes are so small they would fit chop stix, so i removed them easily and use the grates in the back of the washer where they snap into the frame and stop things from falling though and my knives and forks now fit easily into the basket. The fold down trays on the left side can be moved upward to the next bar which i did to allow me to put taller drinking glasses underneath while placing flat utensils above such as spatulas, chef knifes, sport bottle lids, etc. Finally, i have only ever used the ‘light wash’ setting which fills the average sink with water only about 2/3 of the way. I tested this by putting in the plug to see how much water the dishwasher was using. Here are the specifications for the SPT Countertop Dishwasher:

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  • Durable stainless steel interior and spray arm
  • Dish rack and silverware basket; up to 6 standard place settings capacity
  • User friendly controls; automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser
  • Faucet adapter included for quick and simple connection
  • 6 wash cycles (heavy, normal, light, glass, speed, soak); Unit dimension (W x D x H) : 21.65 x 19.69 x 17.24 in

It was exactly as i had expected. I know that i could have set it up on my counter top, but i chose to put it on a small metal appliance cart with wheels. It moves easily and it is not very heavy at all. This way i did not lose any counter space.I have a friend that has been trying to talk me into getting one for several years. She did it finally and i am pleased. My friend prefers her’s on her counter top and that works well for her. It would have taken more counter top than i wanted to part with. That is why i put mine on my little cart.I live alone and it’s exactly what i needed.

This is the absolute best thing i could have purchased for my home. I followed the directions and it worked like a charm. I experienced no leakage while using this and i have a separate sprayer on the right side of my sink. The dishes came perfectly clean (as you can hopefully see in my picture). It took a while for them to dry, but not a big deal. If you don’t want to wait, just have a hand towel near by and give them a quick dry while putting them away. Also, for those who don’t want it out all the time, i bought a chef’s cart on amazon as well and just wheel it into my closet when i am not using it.

Reviews from purchasers :

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I have had this dishwasher only a week. I am using in it from walmart – the great value dishwasher powder and the great value rinse agent. This dishwasher appears to be very well made but, as i said i have only had it a week and time will tell how durable it really is. As for cleaning a large load of dishes this dishwasher does an outstanding job.Does it hold up to six place settings?. Everybody’s dishes are different and it holds about four and then some for me. For those of you who are wondering if this washer drains the water by gravity or it is pumped out i believe it is pumped out but, i could not find any documentation on this. Very easy to hookup to you kitchen faucet. Does a great job drying the dishes. Update 10/26/2011: dishwasher performs perfectly.

Or maybe the fact she doesn’t have to do dishes because i always have the machine loaded and running. Even the faucet connector/adapter has a pressure relief button on it. Anyone who’s blown a light bulb because of a lack of pressure release is sure to know what i’m talking about. There is no heating element. ‘ you can fit large plates and larger dishes in the unit.

It’s obviously not as nice as my old bosch, but for a dishwasher not much bigger than a large microwave it’s fairly impressive. It uses very little detergent due to the small load size. I stopped using the pre-measured packs and switched back to a liquid so i could control the detergent use again, otherwise much is wasted. I plan to eventually ‘plumb it in. ‘ for a permanent install (which will require some custom hoses) but the quick-release faucet adapter has been working for right now. It’s a single rack and very tight to load, and i often find i need to pull the rack out beyond the stop to get to the back row reliably, depending on what i’m loading. There is barely room as everything is compressed as tightly as it can be to make for such a small sized washer. 25′ corelle dinner plates just *barely* fit (and scrape on the top to do so. 75’ plates and they just won’t fit. Thicker stoneware probably won’t fit between the tongs in the rack either. I’ve also noticed that with a full load of dinner plates and sandwich plates the plates hit and have to ‘woven’ together to try to make room for it all. No room to sparethis also means you’re not often going to be washing most of mixing bowls.

After a few weeks of great washes, i am very much happy with this unit so far. I noticed, like others, that the cycle times are long. Actually, i have found the cycles are even longer than stated in the manual. I logged cycle #2 to take almost 95 minutes, where the manual says 85. This would be no issue at all if there was some type of meter on the unit. If i want to know my progress, i have to run a kitchen timer. If this thing does well for a couple years, i will bump it to 5 stars. Note: been a year, same story. Add a progress indicator and this thing is gold. Almost 2 years of regular use.

I bought this unit to replace an eight-year-old edgestar countertop model that had started malfunctioning–sadly, it costs so much to repair things these days that if anything is wrong beyond something basic and obvious, you’re better off buying new. I loved that edgestar, and this machine has been a disappointment in comparison. Pros:clean dishes that i didn’t have to wash myselfit’s very quietit’s a nice pale silver colorcons:the interior layout is very limiting unless you happen to own exactly the plates and glasses it was designed for. We use mugs, not little cups and saucers, and those will only fit in the glasses section. Which means the glasses, in our household generally pint-sized, have to go on the plate racks. But the tines of the racks are not tall enough to hold the glasses steady, and in fact don’t really hold our larger plates steady either. So far nothing has broken in there but i’ve ordered a silicon net to ensure that everything stays tethered down. The instruction manual is not updated for this machine. For example, the wash instructions tell you to turn a knob to start wash cycles, but this unit features all buttons. You expect some idiosyncrasies in translation with things manufactured overseas, but these instructions do not describe this product as it exists now.

Like many other people my item was received damaged. The spinner in the dishwasher was broken off so i can not review functionality. I have a replacement enroute so i will review that one when it arrives. The box it self was in perfect condition so i know the damage had to have happened at the manufacturer. Also the dimensions are off. The dimensions are of the machine it self but the drain hose sticks out in the back and adds about 2 inches. If you receive a non damaged one then it looks like a good product. Now on to some of the comments other people made. Yes you have to rise you plate off so there are not chunks of food. The tubes for this are not huge.

After a month of use i feel comfortable giving this a positive review. Dishes come out sparking clean when using jet dry liquid and finish powerball packs. No left over food or residue so far. The top left corner of the door did have a small crack in it from shipping, however it is a small cosmetic blemish and wasn’t worth requesting a return or replacement for as long as it performed it’s main function well, which it does. I had previously owned a koldfront countertop dishwasher at another apartment and this cleans just as well as the koldfront. I see very minimal differences between the functioning pieces between the two models. Very happy with my purchase and would recommend this option to anyone who hates washing dishes as much as i do.

This dishwasher certainly has its pros and cons. Ultimately, i do like having the dishwasher. But it has some frustrating flaws. Pros:when it cleans, it cleans greatgood size for a small apartmenteasy to usecons:sometimes requires two wash cycles to get dishes cleaninterior is too smallrack layout is frustratingwhen it cleans things, it cleans them well. I have had several times where i have left a plate out for a day or two and when i tried to wash it in the dishwasher, it did not come out clean on the first washing. You must be sure that the dishes are free of residue, and if anything is dried on, you should soak the dishes first to loosen up the yuck. I have also had problems with dishes not coming out clean due to how i’ve loaded the dishwasher. There have been several times where i’ve done one load of dishes, only to find that nothing got clean.

I’ve had the dishwasher for a little over two years as of the end of may, 2017. So far, the dishwasher itself is fantastic. Combined with cascade complete packs, it’s done an excellent job of cleaning even the dirtiest dishes. My only issue has not been the dishwasher, itself, but what it does to the sink’s side-sprayer. When the water is on, the entire system is pressurized, including your sink side-sprayer, and the faucet, the line to the dishwasher, etc. The sink side-sprayer is usually made of plastic, and is not designed to withstand that much pressure for long periods of time (even if you turn on the sink and walk away, the pressure is way less, because the pressure at the faucet opening is atmospheric). In the 26 or so months since i’ve had it, i’ve gone through three sink side-sprayers, usually leaking a little bit at first, then a little bit more, and then suddenly popping loose and spraying water all over the kitchen. If there was such thing as a sink side-sprayer with all-metal construction on the inside (not just the exterior casing. The valve mechanism needs to be 100% stainless steel, as well), then problem solved. But the plastic sprayers which are ordinarily sufficient for most normal use are quickly destroyed by trying to hold back the static water pressure of normal water lines.

The adaptor was broken on the top where it screws on. There were dents on the back & inside the dishwasher when i recieveded it. That being said the device does work and i’m happy with its performance. Though it doesn’t fit a lot but i expected that. I do have a little water coming out of the top of the adaptor. I did order a recommend adaptor when i ordered this as well but the hose keeps slipping off it so i had to go back to the broken one. I’d rather have it than nit but i over paid for it. Was more like good condition with a broken adaptor.

The counter-top dishwasher is my newly discovered gemit can hold about a sink full of dishes; plates, cups, silverware etc. The instructions do not have a designated space for pots and pans so i suggest washing those alone or by hand. A lot of negative reviews mention leaking. I simply made certain that everything was secure and used the rubber washers. Right now, it’s my first time using so at least out of the box it functions as expected. I would place it between standard refrigerators and microwaves. Larger dishwashers make more noise. If it matters to anyone, you can not use a surge protector. The instruction indicate that it must plug directly into the outlet.

I ordered this dishwasher based on other reviews. I was a little worried that a small dishwasher with one arm wouldn’t do that great of a job. Having owned a chinese washing machine that attached to the sink, i was also worried about water leaks. As it turns out, neither of those were issues. This dishwasher did a great job cleaning up week old dishes that had been sitting in my sink, and the combined faucet/drain (pictures on the supentown web site) means that you don’t have to worry about water going everywhere as long as it’s been installed properly. The faucet adapter also has an aerator, so you don’t have to take it off to make the water come out evenly when you aren’t using the dishwasher. If i had any quibble, it would be that it uses more space than i’d like, but i can’t imagine them making it any smaller and still fitting full sized plates. It’s easy to detach from the sink, so i can probably stow it away when it’s not in use.

This was my gift to myself when i came into some unexpected cash. It’s brand new and so i will come back and update after i’ve had it for a while, but here are my thoughts and observations so far. The outer box did have a gouge in it, but the inner box was in perfect condition and the unit itself is well protected. The unit was in perfect condition coming out of the box. So far i love my new spt countertop dishwasher. I’ve had full sized dishwashers in the past and i’ve lived in situations where i had to hand-wash dishes. Like most people, i prefer a dishwasher partly because doing dishes is a chore and partly because a dishwasher just gets the dishes cleaner than you ever will doing them by hand. I’ve been hand-washing for the last 6 months.

It is what it is: a small dishwasher for a single person. They always exaggerate the no# of place ‘settings’ since dishes would have to be the very small ones they use in the picture that no one uses and placed exactly the same. You do have to remember that it attaches (very easily) to the kitchen faucet so you will not be able to use that until it is detached again (very simple, push the button and its detached. I got lucky in that it fits perfectly where i can just drop the nozzle behind the faucet and it is out of the way. Also, i did modify things a bit such as the utensil basket since i do not need that much room taken up for my utensils and i also (you are gonna laugh, everyone does) i wanted to put something inside to keep the smaller things from falling through since i do often have many small lids and etc for my lunches so i placed a grid (used by painters) inside. I had to laugh at how perfectly it fit. I will try to add a picture. If you are used to a regular dishwasher you will probably not like this one. If you are prepared what to expect, you will probably like it.

This is the best thing i’ve purchased in my entire life. Reflecting on that fact reminds me of things i’ve heard married people say: ‘i’m so happy; i only wish i did it sooner. ‘ or ‘i’m just mad that i waited so long to be this happy. ‘ i feel the same way about my dishwasher. As for the practical details: this thing works great. Some things won’t fit in it, but that’s fine, i’ll just buy new smaller things because i’m so happy. You have to clean the filter. If you notice your dishes not getting cleaned totally, take the filter out and clean it. It just works, dishwashers aren’t that complicated; it’s basically a hot water heater from a coffee maker attached to a garden sprinkler in a box. If i had to buy one of these every year, i would without hesitation, but i think mine will probably last many years. I kinda regret not buying a more expensive model, just because i’m so happy with this one i wonder if i could be happier.

The spt countertop dishwasher has been nothing short of fantastic. It was the perfect addition to my apartment. As a busy bachelor, this dishwasher has saved me many hours cleaning dishes. Best of all, dishes always come out spotless, and i always feel like they are cleaner than if i had tried to handwash them anyway (this is particularly true for glasses), so that is an added bonus. It claims it holds six place-settings with ease, and while i haven’t pushed that theory, it has held four settings just fine. It can also hold pots & pans, colanders, and even fragile glassware just fine, so it is versatile. The utensil tray was very useful too, with two different depths, allowing for proper sorting. The normal cycle takes about an hour and a half to complete, with the heavy cycle taking slightly longer, and the light cycle taking slightly less time. I have tested this with multiple levels of food particles on there, from a simple scrape, to pre-rinsing, to pre-rinsing and using a sponge to wipe away any resilient food particles. While this dishwasher did well in all those circumstances, blasting away food particles like it’s its job (which, it is), i personally like pre-rinsing.

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