SPT SD-2202S Countertop Dishwasher : best amazon purchase ever, hands down

Easy to setup and does a great job washing dishes. Comes with all parts necessary to hook up and start washing right away. Directions for setup not clear but easy to figure out.

It does just what it advertises. You do have to learn to load it properly, but it cleans well and it’s quiet.

I am so glad i followed through a bought this dishwasher after reading the reviews. It’s perfect for my kitchen since i have little room. I couldn’t live another day without a dishwasher and i am so happy with my purchase.

It works great and the maintenance is so minimal. I use quality cleaners in it and no complaints yet. And if you can’t find plates to fit it, hit up your local dollar tree. (they have sturdy plates under 10 inches).

  • Small but efficient.
  • This lwashing machine is perfect for the small apartment I live in

SPT SD-2202S Countertop Dishwasher with Delay Start, Silver

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  • Durable stainless steel interior
  • Up to 8 hours delay start
  • 6 wash cycles (heavy, normal, light, glass, speed, soak)
  • Up to 6 standard place settings capacity
  • Faucet adapter included for quick and simple connection

We have had this dishwasher a few days now and our family is incredible pleased with it. There are 6 of us and surprisingly there is enough space in this little machine. We run it after lunch and after dinner. The heavy duty cycle gets everything off so far. The plate cycle only left baked on cheese when we used it. We were spending over an hour a day doing dishes, now just a few minutes.

Very nice countertop dish washer. And i’m amazed what i’m able to fit in it.

This is kind of a large counter top dishwasher, larger than o thought it would be. This dishwasher works well for a two person household. It is easy to use and is pretty quiet. The only issues i have with it is:1. You have to load it perfectly for optimal cleaning. If a dish is loaded slightly wrong it won’t clean properly. No easy storage place for the hose that connects to the sink. One last piece of advise, use pliers to put the adapter on the sink faucet or the water pressure can push it off.

This little guy is a real workhorse and has been the perfect fit for a small residence. I was very skeptical when my gf said, “please buy it. ” the set up was quick and very easy. I unscrewed the aerating filter on the kitchen faucet spout, clipped the hose mount onto the faucet, turned on the water and we were up and running. That is the extent of the set up in our case. (recommend to double check the tightening of the hose in the back of the dw to ensure no leaks – no issues i know of but i unscrewed the hose, added plumbing tape and re-tightened the hose before using the dw just to be sure)the interior of this little unit is surprisingly spacious. It actually does fit as many items as you see in the photo in the ad – truly.

Perfect if you are only cooking for one or two people. Itll fit everything but your biggest pots and pans but you can easily hand wash those separate before or after you start the dishwasher.

This dishwasher has been a life saver (probably saved my relationship with my now fiance haha). No more dirty dished piled at the sink. – they just get put in the dishwasheri did a lot of research before i bought this, and i think it’s a great product for the money. I’ve had it for about a year, and i haven’t had any problems at all. I bought a stainless steel heavy duty kitchen cart that worked great and i’d role it over to the sink every other night or so, and run the dishwasher. It is true as others have said that it occupies the kitchen sink during use, but this wasn’t really ever a problem because we ran it while we were at work or asleep (it’s fairly quiet too). Most dishwashers you buy now are high efficiency which usually means a longer cycle than what most people are used to. For this particular dishwasher, it seemed to be an expected length of time for a high efficiency dishwasher. You can adjust the settings to give it a lighter wash which is littler shorter.

Very nice but have to return it cause it will not fit under my counters, very sad. I would still give it a 5 star.

It took awhile to get this installed. Because we did not have the right type of faucet on our sink. We decided it was worth it to downgrade the faucet, so my husband had to do that first. Once it got installed, it took a few loads to figure out how to situate everything, because though it appeared that the water had a clear shot at the glasses or dishes, it wasn’t quite getting things clean. I think we have the hang of it now. We like this and recommend it. Loading the dishwasher no longer means gettting the wife drunk around here, like jeff foxworthy liked to say.

This lwashing machine is perfect for the small apartment i live in. I wish i had purchased it sooner. It takes a few parts to hook up if you want to avoid the faucet connection it comes with, costing about 50$ to set it up under the sink. For small to medium sized loads, this little washer does a fantastic job.

I live in the biggest city in the us and this machine works perfectly with building’s old 110w 12amp system.

Gets them very clean and also sanitizes them. The dishwasher does not dry very well but i just take the bottles out and put them on the drying rack for future use.

Amazing power for such a little thing, does a great job and fits a lot more than you would think it did. I know that a lot of people asked me if it is even worth it to have a dishwasher this small. I can tell you that it saves me at least 30-45 minutes every day.

Literally the best purchase i’ve ever made. I hate doing dishes by hand – seriously, hate it with a passion. I spent about two months researching and procrastinating before ordering this dishwasher, and i did not and do not currently regret it at all. I was nervous because of all the reports of leaking, and the first time i ran it mine did leak. But it was a super super simple fix – all i did was reattach and tighten the hoses. The attachments are made of plastic, not metal, so you have to expect a little fiddling will need to be done to get the fit right. The first time you run the dishwasher just run it on the rinse cycle and stand there and babysit it for a bit, tighten and readjust hoses and fixtures as needed and you should be good to go. The dishwasher came in perfect condition and it looks great – do not confuse ‘silver’ with stainless steel though, because if you have stainless steel kitchen appliances like i do the dishwasher will not match them. But i honestly don’t care because the thing is so amazing. I have it up on my counter in the corner, kind of hidden from immediate view until you fully enter the kitchen.

Bought this because i’m tired of doing dishes. Our kitchen is small, so this was our best option. It sits next to the sink where the rack sat, so no extra lost space. I have only used it twice so far, but the dishes come out spotless. It was easy to setup and connect. I plan on hooking the water line in to the faucet line under the sink eventually to get rid of the faucet adaptor. U cannot use the sink faucet with the adaptor on it. The drain line is the bottom hose that’s connected to the adaptor. I will just lay that in the sink once i do the line conversion. Our dinner plates measure 11′, and do not fit in the machine.

It’s nice to not have to hand wash everything after a long day of work. It really fits more dishes than i expected.

Absolutely love this dishwasher. As a couple with a smaller kitchen, this has been well worth the money and a space saver. It gets the dishes spotless if you do as directed and rinse the obvious food off before loading which i will do any day versus hand washing everything. I honestly have no complaints. It does what it says it will do and was exactly as described in the info provided before buying.

Apartments cost a ton to rent, and space comes at a premium (in fact, apartments that have built-in dishwashers are often $100-$200 more per month, which adds up fast). Unfortunately, i’m also extremely lazy in that i hate doing dishes every day, or ever for that matter. It was getting to the point where literal mountains of dishes were cluttering my already space limited counters. I woke up one day, and decided this needed to change. I asked myself, ‘what’s the cheapest way to solve the problem of unending dirty dishes?’. So i logged on my favorite dating app and got myself a nice girlfriend. I thought all my problems were solved. It turns out that getting a girlfriend actually increased the amount of dirty dishes. Every night, i curled up in to a ball among my dishes and cried myself to sleep, hoping my tears would wash away the dried up indian curry from a month ago, or loosen the cheese cement attached to my mac n’ cheese bowl.

Fantastic dishwasher – actually had to get a replacement because the first one started to leak at the bottom after 6 or 7 cycles. Fits a lot of dishes for such a small dishwasher and i’ve had very few dishes come out not clean.

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