SPT SD-2202W Countertop Dishwasher : Yeah I can get my nails done now

I can’t believe how powerful it is. It washes dishes just as good as a full size washer. Perfect for renters or small kitchens. I wasn’t sure if it would look wierd, standing out on the counter but it actually looks great. Blends in with the rest of the kitchen. Hook up was easy and no tools needed. It is myself, my husband and our two boys and there is enough space to fit all of our dishes.

I bought one of these about a year ago. I live in a one bedroom apartment and after my last apartment, which was a studio, i decided i wasn’t doing the hand washing all dishes thing again. It is really simple to use, effective, and i would say one of the best investments i made in my apartment. One note, depending on your counter tops, it doesn’t actually fit on mine, because of the height of the counter to cabinets. Bought a rolling cart and problem solved.

This dishwasher is great, even works with my removable head faucet. It takes a little time to get used to a small dishwasher, but it works perfect, and only costs me 37¢ a load during the day. I would recommend this to anyone living in an apartment, just make sure you have countertop space for it, the out shell is pretty big and takes up a decent amount of space.

So far i’m very happy with this. No problems setting it up (thanks to a little teflon tape). It’s the perfect size for one or two people. It makes my life much easier.

This is a fantastic dishwasher. We bought this for our little apartment and it blew me away. I didn’t think it would wash very well considering it was such a small unit, but it surely did prove me wrong. My husband and i aren’t usually home long enough to get all the dishes washed, so they usually sit in the sink for days. As soon as this was delivered, i quickly put on the sink adapter (very easy to do) and got to washing. With no pre-rinsing of my 3 day old dirty dishes, i threw them in the dishwasher and a couple hours later. They were sparkling cleani really do recommend this countertop dishwasher to anyone. It really does worki would also recommend using jet-dry and a good quality detergent; it gives it an extra clean boost.

SPT SD-2202W Countertop Dishwasher with Delay Start, White : You need two things to install this, a good wrench and plumbers tape which oddly enough was not included. Having said that, this was extremely easy to assemble i began using it within 15 minutes of unboxing it. I had just washed my dishes when the delivery man came, so i just ran around the house looking for random stuff to wash because i was excited and wanted to use it. I grab some old nasty ashtrays from the backyard and some old dusty knickknacks and went to town. And it was so quiet i had to keep checking to make sure that everything was working well. At first i was nervous to leave it unattended i was scared there would be a leak somewhere but no leaks. The next day i used it for all my dirty dishes. I was still a bit nervous to leave it unattended wondering what would happen if i had fallen asleep and left the water running all night long. I was relieved to know that it automatically controls the water so that’s not a problem. The dishes come out clean and sparkling. It doesn’t dry dishes so it is recommended that you open the dishwasher and pull the rack out and let those dishes air-dry which only takes me a few minutes. It looks nice on the counter and having it has improved my quality of life. Now i can get my nails done because before my nails were wrecked by washing dishes 3 times a day. I also have more time to do things i’d rather do.

. I wouldnt have believed how much i could appreciate an appliance. This unit is so handy, i put it where i used to put my dirty dishes. Then i had to roll my dishwasher over to half fill it or roll it back till i could fill it. The old one used a lot of detergent and electricity. This one you can tell is very economical. Very happy with this purchase.

My kitchen is extremely small. I also have an infant which use cloth diapers. My restroom is not connected to the house, so diapers must be rinsed in the sink. I have a husband who likes to go through every dish, daily, lol. I was struggling keeping up with the dishes and keeping a clean sink. Diapers were piling up because i’m not about to wash diapers around dishes i eat on. So, i gave in and bought this machine. It was bigger than i expected, and didn’t fit where i wanted it to go.

I’ve had this dishwasher over a year and it works great i would definitely recommend. The only bit of adivce i’d give is even though it says not to over tighten the hose make sure you use a wrench otherwise you might get some leaking.

This is just the right size for me and works better than the kitchenaid i am removing and putting drawers in the place of it. I put my new dynamo on a cart and wheel it away to the laundry room when i don’t need it.

Amazing smaller sized dishwasher. Very quiet compared to my old full-sized whirlpool unit. Does an excellent cleaning job.

I have told all of my friends without dishwashers about this product. If you hate standing and washing dishes, as i do, this is the answer to all of your problems. I had so many dishes that i had to run 2 loads, but that’s fine because the dishes got done and i was able to do 20 other things. Yes, i let it run while i wasn’t at home. The first time you use it, i would suggest keeping an eye on it just in case you didn’t connect everything securely, like me, and there was a little leakage. Small problem, i tightened the hose and everything worked great. Quite possibly the best purchase i’ve made all year.

I opted for a countertop, instead of a built in, due to not wanting to lose a cupboard. This little unit is smaller than i expected but so roomy insidevery easy to hook up and the hoses are not as intrusive as i expected them to be. Everything attached perfectly to my sink with no leaks. Just finished my first load of dishes. Cleaned pretty quietly(low whirring noise and water gushy noises) definitely quiet enough to run during my toddler’s naptime (he wakes up from handwash dishes. I clink too loudly in the sink i guess) i’m so excited about this*the night after writing my review, update:i love this dishwasher so much. I’ve been rewashing dishes i had in my cupboards just to get that super clean feeling on everything (something about having them go through, even the light cycle, makes me feel like they are sanitized better than i handwashed them. I hope i’m not giving myself a cleaning disorder.Haha) everything fits so nicely, pots and pans.

Absolutely love this little dishwasher. I’ve had to adjust some of my daily dishes to smaller plates, but overall i’m very happy with this purchase. Perfect for apartments or small spaces. I hooked it up with no issues or leaks. It’s quiet and works like a charm.

So, it’s just a tad bigger than i thought it was going to be. And to be clear, it doesn’t hold many dishes. But what it does do rather impressively is retain the heat from the heated water to make them impressively hot at the end of the cycle (as in sanitary). If your house is not designed for a dishwasher this is a legit alternative.

I bought this dishwasher only one month ago. It worked perfectly for about 3 weeks of light use (one time daily). About a week ago i noticed that it leaked heavily and emitted a loud noise. I checked all the connections and found that they were secure and dry. I’m not sure where the water is coming from but spt customer service is only open on weekdays during business hours when i work so i haven’t even been able to get a hold of them yetupdate 4 months later: amazon replaced this and the replacement is working great. Update 14 months later: we moved with it and now it is giving us difficulty. It worked perfectly the day before the move with no issues whatsoever. After the move it doesn’t work. It starts, but then stops after only a few minutes. I thought i had packed it very carefully, but apparently something happened.

Cleans as well as full sized. Read all the reviews listed here – they have great information, ideas, and tips. I will add a couple things: (1) read the care and usage booklet. There are some important maintenance & cleaning things outlined. When you clean the interior, be sure to remove the filter and clean it gently with something like an old toothbrush. Mine gets slimy and it takes a soft brush to clean it off. (2) i had problems with film on the dishes/glasses. I switched to d/w gel instead of powder and it helped immensely. (3) your water has to be hot coming out of the tap.

Great dishwasher for the money dishes are spotless quiet as can be and as usual fast shipping from amazon.

I received this as a gift from the most thoughtful daughter in the world. If you hate doing dishes by hand then get this in your shopping cart now. Great job, dishes come out sparkling. Thank you for making a great smaller version of the bigger size.

Dear sweet sweet dishwasher, where have you been my whole life?if i knew then what i know now, i would have owned one of these a decade ago. The first time i saw a ‘countertop dishwasher’ i thought it wouldn’t be large enough and would use too much electricity/water to make it economical. I use this relationship-saving beautiful device on a daily basis. One bonus is that this machine is much easier to load and empty because you don’t have to bend over to use it, so this would be helpful for someone with back difficulties. It takes up a ton of counter space but i am all for function over form and this was the best purchase i have made in years. I ordered the one with the delay-timer and i am glad i did because i load it at night before i take a shower and set it on a 2 hour delay so the hot water goes to my shower and not the dishes.

Pro: very pleased with this product. Ease of operation, appropriate size, and economical water use make me happy. It is as quiet as any other dishwasher i ever had (55 db, less than the sound of backround music in a restaurant, does not interfere with nearby conversation). I especially like the fact that it will wash a full load (six place settings, or, for single me, one day’s worth of dishes including pots and pans) in only 3 gallons of water (12 liters). It does not require as much detergent as a full-size unit (requires one tablespoon) although it accommodates standard tablets. It shipped quickly and arrived promptly in appropriate packaging. I am not using a rinse aid as recommended but my glassware is coming out clean and streak-free. The six wash cycles include one for heavy soil (uses 14. 5 liters of water), one for pre-wash (2. 5 liters) and a ‘speed’ setting for items that don’t need drying (12 liters like the other cycles).

This is the second one i bought. The first one died after a year, but it’s so convenient and cheap that i bought it again. ► note: let the water get hot before attaching the connector to the faucet, because it uses so little water that otherwise it will fill up before the hot water gets to the faucet. ► also: check that the rotor rotates and there’s no silverware or anything sticking down to block it. Because if there is, you won’t know it and your dishes will still be dirty.

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