SPT SD-2213W Countertop Dishwasher : In terms of space this is a nice dishwasher for the price however the product came damaged

The dishwasher works well and my dishes come out very clean. Unfortunately, my large plates do not fit in the unit so they have to be washed by hand. The directions for set up were easy to understand, which is huge because i usually have problems.

It took about 15 minutes to unpack and setup. Everything was included hoses and adaptor.

I am so impressed by this product. It is completely quiet except for when it drains water. It hooked right up to our sink and cleans the dishes. They are dry, clean, and spot free.I recommend for any small apartment or anyone without a dishwasher, i love it so much because my dishes don’t pile up on my counters or shallow sink anymore. Just one thing to remember is to measure your counter space. I did right before buying this and it for perfectly under my counter.

I’ve owned this one for almost three months and i love it. Love not having to hand wash most dishes anymore. Only have to hand wash the large dishes, such as chargers or cookie sheets because the capacity of this dishwasher is small and the opening is pretty small too. But overall, this dishwasher is great. Just don’t have any dishes in the sink when running the washer because the drain water comes out of the hose pretty fast and can ricochet against dishes in the sink and get all over the place.

  • I recommend for any small apartment or anyone without a dishwasher
  • owned this one for almost three months and I love it. Love not having to hand wash most
  • MY New Best Friend!!!

SPT SD-2213W Countertop Dishwasher, White

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  • 6 wash cycles: Heavy, normal, light, mini party, rinse and speed
  • Simple controls with indicator lights
  • Universal faucet adapter and Quick Connect: For quick and easy connection to most kitchen faucets
  • Accommodates up to 6 standard place settings and dishware up to 10.5 Inch in diameter
  • Water supply warning indicator and rinse aid warning indicator

It will arrive dented, just go ahead and accept it, 1st and second one both. If you don’t want dents, you have to go to a place where you can pick it up, and check through their stock carefully.

Just received it today, and did two loads of dishes before the wife gets home. Fairly easy to set up, though may take some time if you’ve never done it before. It hooks right up to the faucet in your sink, but requires that you remove the aerator. I kept getting my gaskets mixed up, so the adapter that installed into it would keep falling out, until i realized i was using the wrong gasket. After fixing the problem, the adapter screwed in with no leaks. Dishes came out fairly clean. A couple dishes weren’t clean, and some stuff was left on plates in my second load (which was admittedly overloaded), but came out very clean after a quick rinse in the sink. No complaints so far, but will update later. On an unrelated note, my daughter loved one of the boxes that it came in (the one without staples).

This dishwasher changed my life. This review may not start well but it ends well. If you’re considering buying this, please read. It’s long, but it may put any doubts about purchasing to rest. )i moved into a small apartment after a divorce and went from a built-in soundless bosch top of the line hooked up to a garbarge disposal so i didn’t even need to rinse a dish to, yea. The landlord wouldn’t pay to install a built-in (in hindsight why would they?).

This beats the dish washer i had by a country mile. Really cleans great,heats the water very hot & is a push button wonder. I can clean twice as much as i could with my former machine & it’s the same size. Forgot to mention it’s so quiet that i had to keep checking when i first used it to make sure it was working.

I bought this for my sister so she had a dishwasher in her very small apartment. I have one for my camper and i just love it. She has been enjoying it so very much. This is so great for a small place and when you don’t like to do dishes this just fits perfectly.

There’s no time posted or what it’s doing. Everyting must b cleaned b4 putting in. I always rinse everything off anyway, but i put a glass in that i had soaking from choc milk 2x’s, finally i had to get a brush and wash by hand. I bought it so i don’t have to wash by hand, otherwise everything was fine.

I would give this item 5 stars if it didn’t stop drying my dishes after 2 weeks of use. I love how well it cleans my dishes, but it would be nice to have dry dishes when i go to empty things. However, the time saved washing and the excellent cleaning job is well worth the cost of this unit. I would purchase it again, given the chance. Air drying isn’t the worst thing in the world. I just wish, for time’s sake, that i could have the machine dry the items. So, if you have limited counter space, pls measure your area first. But it’s fairly quiet and uses a small amount of water for how well it cleans. I run this baby about 2 – 3 times a day (larger household) and it’s never failed me yet (shy the drying issue).

I have never had dishes come out so cleanly. Very simple to install and use. Spt has lots of positive reviews on amazon, so this influenced my purchase of it and i am very happy. Just a couple of things:-i wish it was a little taller to fit more stuff. An extra inch would be perfect-a timer to tell you how long dishes will take to washbut overall, a real winner. Buy it now; you won’t regret it.

It takes about 1 hour 45 for the normal cycle. My girlfriend couldn’t believe such a thing existed, or how good of a job it did. I will never go back to not having a dishwasher. If you’re hesitating on whether or not to get one, just do it. It’s totally been worth every penny.

This machine is just ok, nothing great. About every 3rd or 4th wash, the dishes don’t always come clean, there is a residue left on them. The organization of the rack isn’t great either, i find it difficult to load my dishes n an organized fashion to optimize the room available. We have had this for a few months and there was already a leak due to the fasteners in the back coming loose from moving the hose around (from faucet back to counter).

Bought this for christmas 2017 for my dad to go in his rv (his full time home), and he couldn’t be happier. He built a wood cart with wheels and rolls it up to sink to use, and back to wall when finished. He said the dishes come out spotless and the unit is so quiet he can’t even tell it’s running from his bedroom. Very happy with this purchase.

This is my first experience with a dish washer. I will definitely be getting a bigger one when i can.

How did i not buy this sooner. Amazing countertop dishwasher. Cleans the dishes, saves water and electricity. Doesn’t take up too much counter space. I can’t say enough good things about this dishwasher. I’ve had it for a month and i’m just too, too, too happy i got it. I’m trying to come up with a down side and the only thing i can think of is in regard to the filters. I can’t get the 2 mesh filters to come apart and i’m afraid i’ll break one or both if i force them.

I purchased this unit about 2 months ago. Arrived on time and secure in package. I was extra happy that it fit perfectly on the exact counter space i was hoping for. So far, i am happy as can be with this product. I have been dreading dishes the past 2 years i’ve been on my own in an apartment with no dishwasher as well as very limited space. I also have hard water and this still works amazing. If you ever feel like it’s not cleaning right just add rinse aid and you’re good to go. 10 out of 10 would recommend and purchase again. I cannot stress how much these are worth purchasing if you are limited in space and money, but enjoy cooking without the hassle of hand washing dishes.

In terms of space this is a nice dishwasher for the price however the product came damaged however could be due to shipment.

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