SPT SD-2224DS Countertop Dishwasher – Rinse-Aid + Mini-Party Setting

My first 2 loads came out very clean. I washed the parts of a difficult to hand clean food processor and some other baking utensils.

I read the reviews of their basic model and was impressed, but i opted to go with this model because of the led screen. I’m very happy i made that decision as it displays the remaining time left in the cycle (vs the basic model which doesn’t have a display. ) my wife thinks it’s ridiculous because of how small the inside is, but honestly for two people it’s totally sufficient. We have an infant as well and i just run a load each night when we go to bed and put them away in the morning. I do want to point out that i first used the seventh generation powder detergent with no rinse aid and was very disappointed when it finished. There was residue everywhere and powder sludge in the cup and on dishes. I decided to buy finish brand liquid detergent and finish brand rinse aid. It would appear that a rinse aid is mandatory with this little guy.

I haven’t had any leaking problems. If items aren’t mostly rinsed completely, then there’s going to be leftover food, but overall it’s better than standing at the sink for an hour a day. It is big, and the wires/tubes are a bit of a pain. If you have a faucet water filter, it’s time to say goodbye.

  • So far, so good! 🙂
  • Yes, it’s worth it.
  • My hands are saved! Wish I hadn’t waited so long to try a countertop dishwasher.

I had a problem in the beginning with the water hoses. Didn’t get them tight enough (per instructions). Had a flooded kitchen and bath. But i am squared away now and am glad i have it.

So far so good with this dishwasher. I have a large built in dishwasher, but prefer this as i dont use a lot of dishes and not bending down, having it closer to cabinets is great. The largest plates have yo be angled in to load and than turned as they hit if trying to pull rack out.

Features of SPT SD-2224DS Countertop Dishwasher with Delay Start & LED, Silver

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  • 7 wash cycles: Heavy, normal, light, mini party, rinse, speed and soak
  • Delay start for added convenience : Two, four, six or eight hours
  • Universal faucet adapter and Quick Connect: For quick and easy connection to most kitchen faucets
  • Electronic controls with LED display : LED displays remaining time or current running state
  • Water supply warning indicator and rinse aid warning indicator

I’ve had this for almost 6 months now, and it’s doing great. I use it a couple times a week, and it’s been really handy. That said, it probably doesn’t save me a lot of time, as the dishes that go into it are mostly-clean already. I’m pretty good about rinsing dishes thoroughly, because i don’t want to deal with cleaning the trap in this thing. It ties up the sink while it’s running, which is kind of annoying. Clearing out the lines after it’s done is an art form; this is the other reason i don’t put much ‘hard work’ into the dishwasher. But, overall, i’m a big fan.

A great space saver, looks and feels durable. I bought a drop leaf kitchen cart from home depot to move the dishwasher off the counter. The multiple wash cycle options are really great. Most of what i use it for can be done with the 20 minute option. I gave it four instead of five stars because the hose connections at the faucet and in the back of the machine have to be monitored religiously. I had one wash cycle , early in my ownership, end up on the kitchen floor. ‘still working on a worry free solution. For almost three hundred bucks i kinda feel like i should’t have to, not in the first year at least.

Just what i needed for a family of three. Hook up and use what so simple. It looks up to a regular faucet plug it in and tour good to go. The dishes come out very clean. There are so many setting you can use. The whole process is hook up to the faucet(very easy to do), place dish detergent in ( 2 small spoon fulls), power on the machine, turn on the water, select which program, and push the start button. It counts down what time you have and beeps when it is completed, turn off the water and power. I open the door to help the dishes dry.

It’s been only a month since i got it so can’t say for the long term performance/reliability but so far so good. It is not small for a countertop dishwasher and surprisingly holds most of the dishes we put in it (we usually run it every 2-3 days for a two people household – we cook most of the week nights and sometimes bring lunches). Also cleans the dishes very well (i do scrub off the food residual before putting the dishes in because i don’t want to clean the filter too often =p ). It’s quieter than the built-in dishwasher at our previous place. Drying is not ideal but my friends who have normal size dishwasher told me that it’s similar case for their dishwasher too. I like air-drying my dishes anyway so not really a problem for me =) so far i believe i’ve made a great purchase and it’s definitely a relationship saver ;).

Nice dishwasher with a modern look. It’s reasonably quiet (makes a somewhat relaxing water sloshing sound as it washes), seems well built and gets dishes clean. Not sure what more you’d expect from a dishwasher, it doesn’t do the groceries nor the laundry but it does make one household chore easier. Just like other countertop dishwashers, it has a limited space for larger items but gets dishes as clean as a full size unit would. If you’re trying to hook up this unit on a semi-permanent basis (and free your kitchen tap while running the dishwasher and/or avoid having to always disconnect/reconnect the dishwasher to the tap), this can be done by buying a 3/8’x3/8’x3/8′ compression tee fitting and a universal dishwasher connection kit (got both from the local hardware store). You’ll want to make sure to get a kit that has a 3/4′ garden hose adapter (aka ght or fgh, respectively garden hose thread and female garden hose). Since some people mentioned leaks, i put in some teflon tape (aka thread seal tape or plumber’s tape) on the dishwasher’s water intake (the yellow plug) and haven’t seen any water leak anywhere. Not sure if that was needed, but better safe than sorry. I haven’t hooked the drain hose and just put it in the sink, but i’m sure it can be hooked up as well (other reviewers have managed to do it).

The shipper somehow damaged the first one we received. Amazon promptly sent a return authorization label, ordered a replacement for us, and had the shipper pick up the damaged unit the next day. The replacement was here within a week. The washer is an excellent size for us and runs quietly. It is easy to hook up initially and a breeze to operate. Note: i bought an adapter for the faucet. A dual thread, 15/16′ adapter, which fits most faucets, is supplied with the unit.

I have worked residential construction most of my life and know that there is a big difference between a good dishwasher and a bad one. I also know that difference is not always based on ‘brand’ or ‘price’, it is based on how well it was designed. The first thing i noticed when i got the box was that it was really light, usually not a sign of ‘quality’ in my book. I did notice though that it was very well packed. Double boxed with a lot of foam. I pulled it out of the box and set it on the counter for my first real look. Finish looked pretty good, the door was a little off from being straight, but in reality it was less than a 16th of an inch off. As a finish carpenter we get a little too picky sometimes.

Although i purchased the spt sd-2224ds countertop dishwasher from another seller i feel that my experience with this unit might help influence others who are thinking of purchasing a countertop unit. First, setting up this dishwasher is so easy a child can do it. Basically, if you can attach a garden hose to a faucet you can set up this dishwasher. From unpacking to ready to wash was less than 10 minutes. (suggestion: use plumbers tape on the fittings as an extra precaution against leaking)i loaded the dishwasher up with some fairly dirty dishes and placed a cascade platinum detergent pad in the dispenser. It takes about an hour and a half for the cycle to complete but it’s worth the wait. The dishes and silverware came out shining. The results for every load since have been the same. This unit fits perfectly on my kitchen counter under my cabinets. It is very quiet (so quiet, my dog jumps every time it drains).

I have used this spt sd2224ds sense 12 24 15 & i have ran 30 loads. It cleans better than i ever thought it would. It is the quietest unit i ever seen. It sits 6” from my recliner and it never bothers me , i don’t even know its back there. The only part i needed to adj. Starting on 3 like they say to do was to much. 2 was better more loads per tank.

After not having a dishwasher for almost a year, this was amazing. Sometimes the cleaning pack won’t dissolve if it’s loaded in the wrong way (so the door can’t flip open), but otherwise, this has been amazing. Make sure you measure so you know how large it is – it’s worth the sacrifice of countertop space, but it is quite large.

The unit was packed very well. My dinner plates are about a quarter inch too big but i hate doing dishes by hand so i’ll spring for some new plates that will fit. Otherwise i love this machine.

Comes in a box within a larger box. Upon first sight it looked daunting. Worked great from the very first time used. Cleans dishes perfectly when using a good detergent like cascade platinum or finish quantum max as well as a rinse aid like jet dry. Dishes rack holds dishes well and is versatile enough to load even pots and pans, although i could only fit two frying pans in at one time with a few other random cups and utensils. For regular dishes, the racks work beautifully and separate the dishes enough for the cleaning action to work well. The multiple programs are varied enough to use at least two or three on a regular basis. Very quiet operation, except for the expelled dirty water being drained into the sink which is to be expected. Gorgeous exterior and really gorgeous interior.

This is an awesome way to have a dishwasher in little space. It cleans everything and fits enough for a smaller family so you can avoid having to do dishes. The set up was easy as was the operation. I sealed the hoses with plumbers putty but as a precaution. I have had no leaks or issues and have been using it daily for over 2 months. I highly recommend this for people wanting a smaller dish washer.

The box was delivered by fedex on the very edge of my front porch, without them knocking – but i got it inside. I’d measured carefully and was still shocked by how large it was. Everyone who has seen it has commented on the size – it’s actually larger than our very large, old microwave. The package comes marked as being a two-person lift, and for good reason. But i did manage to get it onto the counter alone – barely. The problem isn’t just the weight, it’s also the bulk. At 5’0′ i could barely fit my arms around it far enough to get a grip on it. Someone who is frail, elderly, disabled or has any history of back issues definitely needs to arrange for help, even to unbox it. Set up is easy, just connect the two hoses to the rear of the machine and attach the locking nozzle onto the sink fixture. The hoses don’t require any tools to attach, and i was able to connect the nozzle onto the sink without needing any, either. Everything fit properly right away, with no leaks. Even though the instructions imply that powdered detergent is preferred, i used cascade complete liquid in the washer because it worked well with my previous washer and it cleaned the dishes beautifully without additional rinse aid. The machine is quieter than the full-size dishwashers we have owned.

I’ve owned this dishwasher for more than a year now (i purchased it in august 2016), and i love it. It fits on my counter and works like a champ. I run it a couple times a week. It does a fantastic job on everyday loads, and the party setting is nice when you’ve got a bunch of glassware from a get-together to wash. The silverware basket is removable, which is nice for loads where you’re just washing bowls and plates and mugs/glassware. A few caveats for prospective buyers:1) this thing is heavy. I managed to wrestle it through the house and back into my kitchen, but you might want to get a friend if you’re not in the habit of moving heavy objects. 2) measure the location you want to use for the dishwasher. It’s heavy, yes, but it’s also deceptively big. Make sure you’ve got the space to put this chunky little chub before buying.

Completely meets my expectations. As everyone else has said, it’s really huge and heavy. Don’t be like me and just eye the pictures of it and go “eh that looks like it’d fit. ” instead look at the dimensions ans make sure it’ll fit in the spot you want. It cleans well, but occasionally i’ll get something that needs to be rewashed. The cup rack is really small, i’ve noticed. You would need to have miniature cups to even use it. Maybe if you had miniature hands and miniature cups, i could understand using it. It’s tiny and virtually unusable. This thing is way better than having to handwash dishes. If you’re wondering if the cost of this outweighs having to handwash dishes, then yes. It’s totally worth it and that’s why i’m giving it 5/5.

Perfect for my mobile home – i had a plumber permanently install it under the counter directly into the hot water line and disposal – running first wash now with no problems.

This small machine actually does a great job. You can’t expect it to perform like a built-in dishwasher, but i think it holds its own against the larger portable models. It’s the perfect size for my wife and i. It is very quiet while it’s running. I’m using the cascade platinum actionpacs and get good results.

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