SPT SD-2224DW Countertop Dishwasher, QC issues, but a great machine once you get a good one

Changed my life for the better. I am so glad i am not hand washing all my dishes anymore. I also like that it sterilizes where hand washing does not.

Had to return first washer after i got it out of the box and set everything up. The plastic door latch was broken on arrival. Amazon was great as always and sent a replacement. When the replacement arrived it had a problem with the threads on the hose not matching the threads on the machine. If i had received either of the washers separately i would have had to return them bothquality control on the washer was very poor for little things, but once the hassle of swapping the hose from the bad machine onto the good machine it has been a great dishwasher. Very happy with it now, but be prepared to deal with issues. If doing everything by yourself you will be frustrated as i was, but things would have been less of a pain with two people.

This has been an amazing dishwasher. We put it on a rollaway small kitchen island and that was perfect. When we first got it the hose didn’t fit on our faucet, ordered an adapter and no issues since. I would recommend this item for those with small kitchens or renting without a dishwasher.

Comments from buyers

“No more dishes in the sink! Loooove it!, Great little machine, Why do the dishes when this can do them for you!?”

One one my best punches in a long while so happy it’s small but it’s great for one person i do it once ever two days.

I have a dirty little secret. I had to just give up and confess that fact. It is the last short i want to think about after cooking. I love cooking but if i don’t clean up all those dishes right away the end of staying in my sink overnight. And then the motivation to wash them goes away. I live in a beautiful small apartment but i didn’t have a dishwasher. I’ve never had a dishwasher in 10 years of living on my own and it was actually never an issue for me really. But lately, because of long days at work and being very tired when i get home, i just want to eat and go to sleep. Not the best idea for my waistline but let’s get back on topic.

I had to stop using it after two loads. Because i ran out of dirty dishes. And after i had bought this, i stopped doing dishes until it came. Holds a lot, and coming from someone who is very lazy about cleaning off dishes before putting them in, just get the real big or solid things and leave the rest the the dishwasher. I am so happy that i don’t have to do the dishes any more. Oh and also the front and sides (probably the top too) are magnetic so i use mine like a fridge. Now i need one of those dirty/clean magnets.

It is a great unit and cleans well. Wasn’t sure if this thing would work or not. Much larger capacity than my initial thoughts too. It doesn’t dry very well but i knew that coming into it. I think these counter top units dont have the drying features of the larger. I just leave the door open over night to let it air dry. Like the timer, and all the various modes. I have used the party mode to clean glass where really quick and the pot and pan mode to work harder set in stuff. Another thing to note is you can push this unit flush up against the wall as there is a cutout at both sides for the hosing and power cord.

I can’t fit everything in this little machine, so it hasn’t completely eliminated dishes but has made kitchen cleanup 99% easier. Monitor the drain connection when you first turn it on as it leaked a bit the first time i used it and one other time about a month later, but now that i’ve made the adjustment to the washing routine i have no fear of leaving it on in my apartment when i’m not home. 5-stars though because it really well even though it has slight limitations.

It’s really small on the inside, and it takes forever to wash dishes, and since the water has to run the entire time it’s on, it obviously can’t be run at night.

Looks nice and doesn’t use a lot of energy, but doesn’t clean as effectively as my older dishwasher i replaced with it. Would be nice if it was a little taller, too.

This dishwasher made such an impression on my neighbor that she ordered one the very day i received mine and she loves hers as much as i do. It sits at the end of the counter and the hose tucks out of the way beside the washer. There is almost no sound because this is a quality machine. I would highly recommend this to anyone with an apartment or little space.

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