SPT SD-9241SS Energy Star Portable Dishwasher : What a powerhouse!

My husband and i bought this dishwasher for our apartment. It is easy to hook up and fits male or female faucets, fits an entire set of dishes, cleans very well, and looks sharp. I like that the cord and hose are retractable and fit inside the back of the dishwasher when not in use. It comes with measuring cups for detergent, but we used the all-in-one packs with the all-in-one setting. It worked very wellit had a little trouble with removing peanut butter (because i was sort of terrible about rinsing) and it didn’t dry the greatest, but even still i would recommend this to anyone. We just opened it up after running it and let things airdry overnight before putting dishes away.

There are only two of us in my home and it is the perfect size for the amount of dishes i dirty during the day. It even fits the pots and pans i use when cooking dinner. I use all in one tables, and the dishwasher has a setting for their use. I think it would be great for anyone who has limited space, or for just a couple.

I’ve had a lot of dishwashers in my time, but having recently moved into a historic home, there was no good way to install a traditional one given our unique oil heat baseboard in the kitchen countertop situation; enter, portables. Well, we bought a different portable first, but that ended up leaking and being too wide not to block access to one lower cabinet. This one is slim, yet still fits plenty of dishes; it doesn’t leak. Apart from major rennovations, this is your best bet for a historic home or a tight space. Let me add something to this: we ordered this from best buy first. Best buy advertised a $150 discount, but charged us $150 in shipping. We waited for weeks, and the thing never came. After eons without a properly functioning dishwasher, we began calling every few days, and every time we called they gave us a different estimate of when it might get there. Apparently, they drop-ship this item from somewhere in texas, and have no control over the shipping (nor can they estimate arrivals). We asked to cancel the order, and they couldn’t promise that the order would be cancelled; they had to contact the distributor and get back to us. It took weeks to process the refund (despite us never having received the item) and when we called to find out about the $150 shipping charge they still weren’t sure they could refund that. We turned around and ordered this from amazon for less than best buy’s sale price and had free 2 day prime shipping.

Love love love this dishwasher, she is my new best friend, works absolutely fabulous. Everything i need & everything i expected. Definitely worth the money, & customer service is awesome, i had a little crack in my silverware holder & they’re replacing it with no problem.

  • The dishwasher that saved my marriage 🙂
  • FINALLY have a dishwasher!
  • Surprise quality!

SPT SD-9241SS Energy Star Portable Dishwasher, 18-Inch, Stainless Steel

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  • Time Delay Feature: 1-24 hours
  • 6 Wash Programs: All-in-1, Heavy, Normal, Light , Rinse and Speed
  • Adjustable upper rack to accomodate larger plates/pots
  • Faucet adapter included for quick and simple connection
  • Stainless Steel Interior

Definitely took a chance getting this appliance via ups. They delivered it upside down. It does have a few very minor dents, but they do not effect the performance at all. It was well packaged in my opinion and worth the risk. Yes, mine also had water spots inside and sand in the box. This product is tested prior to shipment for sale, so water inside just makes sense to me. And since it’s made in china, shipping it overseas via boat makes the sand completely normal. Unpacking it was a little difficult, being that i’m a single woman who has back problems, but i got it done eventually once my brother and a friend got it up my basement steps into the kitchen. I’ve been stalking this dishwasher on amazon for over a year.It’s a discontinued brand, and when it is in stock, it’s gone just as quickly.

First machine was doa due to being dropped in the warehouse or in while in transit. Customer support was quick to respond and efficient with the return. Second machine works like a charm. Saves space and has configurations for light, regular and heavy wash cycles. Dishes come out spotless (assuming you use jet dry or similar rinse agent)my only gripe is that the dish separators (little vertical arms holding dishes in a row) are a bit close together which means bowls are a bit difficult to fit in any efficient manner, but that is not a big deal since the unit does not use much water per cycle.

5, 2016: we have been using this unit virtually once per day since purchasing. Work as well now as it did from day one. I have used this appliance extensively for 6 months now. I don’t often have the confidence to rate any modern product regarding current standards. This unit, however, has performed flawlessly. It’s solid, quiet, mobile and very efficient. As to other comments regarding the long wash times, get used to it. Energy star standards are so stringent; appliances are expected to perform their tasks to satisfy both the consumer and our ever growing big brother. This means less energy consumption at the expense of time/convenience/quality of merchandise.

Should have paid more attention to just how big or small 18 inches for a dishwasher actually is. Dishes always come out spotless and this thing is very quiet. I removed the faucet attachment and directly connected it to my water supply line with a simple garden hose adaptor and hose extension so i don’t have to keep dragging the thing out every use.

Bought this for summer home in carolina, just the wife and i ,thought it would serve just the two of us very well. It works ok, but there was something lost when the instructions was translated from chinese to english. The little delay button on the front panel is poorly explained. Haven’t figured out yet what they are talking about. As far as washing the dishes, it seems to do a fair job.

Arrived with a dent on the front, but i can live with that. It works well, just wish the wheels rolled a little better. It doesn’t roll smoothly and it always wants to go diagonally. It runs quietly though and my dishes come out clean.

I had an unusual situation to overcome. I have a sink from the 1920’s built into a kitchen wall with no wiring. I can’t disassemble or move anything in the kitchen, and i have no dishwasher. My wife and i were getting extremely tired of washing dishes every night. So… the search for a portable dishwasher began. Neither our local home depot or lowes carried anything in the portable variety. We had no choice but to buy an appliance, unseen, online. For the record, this is a scary proposal, i do not recommend trying this. After searching and reading reviews and more searching, i decided portable dishwashers were a joke. More hassle than they are worth… imagine the headache of rolling a dishwasher out to your sink, hooking it up to a faucet, plugging it in, running the discharge hose into the sink… really???.

This little thing is absolutely worth the buy i live in a house with no dishwasher but with a fam of four i needed one and i was afraid this was going to be to small but it’s great but i do not wash pots or pans of any kind in a dishwasher so keep that in mind but it cleans and drys absolutely amazing and if this helps i use finish turbo 5x dry jet dry as my rinse agent and i use finish quantum max dishwashing packs and i use finish hard water powder for hard water spots and the dishes come out so clean and no spots anywhere on them and i don’t even open the door for them to dry and they were 100% dry not even a speck of water so i think this machine is absolutely worth it but beware the shipping is so rough on this item i recieved mine upside down and a huge dent in the bottom right front that broke a screw off but my husband fixed it all himself and you can barely even see anything at all now but the shipping could be so much better it might be worth asking for a different method and payin a little more.

I’ve had this unit for six months now, it washes beautifully, i have found that finish, all-in-on super powerball packs work best in this machine. I live in an area with very hard water, i do not have a whole-home filter or water-softener. The only flaw with this washer is no heated dry option, but i knew that when i made this purchase. If a built-in dishwasher is not an option and you do not have space for a full-sized portable washer. The time and water you save by not hand washing dishes is worth the expense. Note, when you un-box this unit (not fun, it’s super-heavy, have someone help you). Verify that the connectors to the attachment that goes on the faucet are screwed-on tight to the hoses. I think they got loose the first five or six times i used it, after that they seem to be okay.

This is a magnificent dishwasher. It is so sleek and easy to use. The dishes come out sparkling and completely dry. I’m using it as a portable and it provides additional “counter” space.

I hesitated to write a review before i used this machine for at least some months but its been a month and wow. Other than attaching the adapter to the faucet, the was nothing to do but roll it out of the fabulously packaged shipping box, remove some tap3 then fill it up and use it. My dishes all come out really clean. I have found that powder dish detergents work way better than liquid ones.

After a few days of use i am very happy with this dishwasher. I hooked it up to the washing machine water supply so it wouldn’t monopolize the kitchen sink faucet. It has cleaned extremely well using the all in 1 feature so far. As many people have noted in reviews it won’t completely dry the dishes but they aren’t too wet when the come out anyway. Usually it’s tupperware type items which don’t retain heat well that have droplets of water on them. The machine is quieter than i expected and it would be totally ignorable if it were in the house. Set up was easy but you should have two people to unpack and place it as it is wrapped in many layers and heavy. Shipping was quick as advertised. We have a household of three and it has already made a big difference in our kitchen workflow to have most of the dishes done by machine. Large items may or may not fit in the bottom rack and the top rack is really for small bowls and coffee cups, but nothing more than 4-5 inches tall or heavy.

It’s nice looking and very quiet. It does a great job cleaning all of the dishes no matter how baked on food is.

This is a really great item. It cleans dishes thoroughly and is extremely sturdy. We have used it for over three years and it is still going.

I love this little dishwasher. I have had for about 4-5 weeks. It works great and pretty quiet.

Very happy with this little machine. While i was initially shocked at the cost of a portable, apartment sized dishwasher, i am happy i made the purchase. My first impression was the packaging. The biggest challenge is this item showing up free of damage. There is a concrete block on the bottom for balancing that makes this item extremely heavy. This could make for a very upset ups driver that is less than cautious about slamming your purchase around. The item came packaged perfectly. There is an outer plain/nondescript box that has styrofoam all around, then an inner box which is also well padded and protected that has ‘dishwasher’ printed. I did use a dolly and a neighbors help to get it up the 3 steps into my apartment, but once inside it rolled around easily on its wheels.

We have used this dishwasher for two weeks and find it superb. Everything comes out sparkling clean; nothing remaining on the dishes, no spots, no streaks. It is handsome and should be acceptable in any kitchen. It was packaged with more than adequate padding and support. We are completely satisfied.

We don’t have a huge apartment so we couldn’t fit a full size dishwasher without getting rid of cabinet space, instead we got this one and it has helped take the load off of our backs being busy parents.

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