SPT SD-9241W Energy Star Portable Dishwasher, Love this little dishwasher!

This is a surprisingly good dishwasher for an apartment. It cleans well and it is not too noisy. The capacity is smaller than what i was used to, but it still can accommodate my largest pots and pans, as long as there aren’t too many. It cannot always handle dried-on food, so it’s best to let dishes soak in the sink and then load the dishwasher right before running it. That said, i wouldn’t recommend a portable if you can in any way make room for an installed dishwasher. Hooking it up to the sink is an inconvenience and it’s hard to control when you are rolling it. It also takes two hours to run a normal cycle. I don’t like leaving the water on overnight, so i have to remember to run it right after dinner, or wait until the next morning. Still, much better than having to wash everything by hand.

Only advice is that the filter down below the drain should be cleaned every time if in order to ensure clean dishes every time. We have a tiny kitchen and this acts as an island, so we have more work space.

It shipped and delivered within two days. The machine is nicely made and works wonderfully. I can even leave quite a bit of food on the dishes, some even dried on and it will get it off.The thing i dislike the most is the hoses are short. So even tho i have it set up right next to the sink at the edge of the counter i still have to move it closer to the sink. But it does have good wheels on it that even on carpet make it easy to move. We live in a fifth wheel and it works perfectly. And the top of the washer makes a wonderful counter and adds to the country space, easy to clean. Wish i had bought one sooner.

Key specs for SPT SD-9241W Energy Star Portable Dishwasher, 18-Inch, White:

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  • Time Delay Feature: 1-24 hours
  • 6 Wash Programs: All-in-1, Heavy, Normal, Light , Rinse and Speed
  • Adjustable upper rack to accomodate larger plates/pots. Water consumption (normal cycle):3.65 gallons
  • Faucet adapter included for quick and simple connection. The faucet adapter fits standard-sized Aerator openings for both male and female connections. Size: Male 15/16 inches, Female 55/64 inches
  • Stainless Steel Interior

Comments from buyers

“Cold, dead hands., Dishwashing is now fun and fast and they get really really clean. Very pleased., Finally a dishwasher for my small kitchen.”

I am very pleased with this dishwasher. Did a lot of research on all brands of portable dishwashers before purchase including consumer reports (that doesn’t cover this model) and user reviews. I have been using it daily for two months. Makes a gentle, soft, comforting sound. Washing dishes used to be a tedious bore, soaking hands in hot water and toxic detergents. Now it is fun to do and fast, dishes get much cleaner this way too. Glassware comes out sparkly and gleaming. It has as small a footprint as any model but it holds a lot of big things. The top basket cleans very well due to a clever system of feeding water to an upper sprinkler.

We’ve had this for about six months. The run times do seem pretty long, and the time displayed is definitely not accurate. We’ve learned to just use the speed setting as we rinse our dishes first anyway. Overall, i am happy to have it.

So far, i love this dishwasher. It’s very quiet, it does a great job, and it’s just so nice to not have constant dishes either in the sink or on the drainboard. Perfect for a small kitchen, providing you have space to stow it.

I bought this unit after reading the reviews. We are enjoying our new machine. It does leave a few drips on the floor after running, but nothing major and easy to mop up.

Works just like a high-end regular dishwasher, expect that it is (obviously) smaller, not totally quite (but it’s really not load at all), and it can take 2h, depending on the program. But, all the toughest grease is gone. And, i got $50 rebate from my energy supplier for the energy star rating.

So i have now had it 5 days and used it around 10 times. (twice a day) it came damaged. Water bubble on top and a crack on the back. It’s cosmetic which is why we are choosing to keep it, but still annoyed it’s almost $500 and came damaged but could be worse. A bit heavy to get in the house though. Also someone else mentioned water on there dishwasher when both boxes were bone dry. Mine too had water inside, and on top of which is what cause the water damage on top. But as far as cleaning goes everything has come out clean with the exception of a baby bottle. Silverware is always sparkling. It’s very small for people wondering how many dishes it could possibly hold. We are a family of 4 and it gets run once in the morning and once after dinner. Overall extremely happy with the purchase just wish it wasn’t damaged.

Oh my god why did i not buy this sooner????when i was house shopping i said that a dishwasher was a non-negotiable item. Then i bought the most perfect house, which of course didn’t have one. I was planning on buying one, but i don’t have space to put one in the counter and i just kept putting it off. Then, after a year away where i lived in a house with a dishwasher, i knew i couldn’t survive without one, so i ordered this before i even moved back in. It showed up on my doorstep three days after me, and i hooked it up right away. It wasn’t hard to get out of the box (and i did it all myself because i’m hercules) and there was really no setup. Just a lot of styrofoam and plastic baggies all over the outside and inside. There was a small dent in the corner from shipping, but amazon refunded some of the purchase price to make up for that. So does it clean well, the big question?. The first time i ran it, i didn’t soak or rinse anything to see if it could handle really messy stuff – and it can. I’ve run it over 20 times now, and i’ve only had one dish come out with food still on it and that was definitely my fault. I use the all-in-one tablets, which have a separate program and they even have their own little basket instead of using the loading tray on the door. The only thing i don’t like is that the dishes don’t get dry. I’m sure that’s operator error though.

Would be nice if it had a dry cycle but none of the mobiles do. So, fairly quiet, does a good job, but isn’t fast.

So far this dishwasher is working great (knock wood)cleans great and very quite. But after i removed the box and packaging (that was in great shape) i removed the plastic bag from the dishwasher and the inside of it was wet. The outside one the dishwasher was wet with a gritty substance on it. I opened the door to the dishwasher and the inside was wet also along with a small dent on the inside of the door. I’m baffled how this could have happened because packaging was dry and perfect. But the darn thing works, for now anyways.

Great for a 2 person household. It is small but holds a couple days worth of dishes.

Own a prewar co-op with a way cramped kitchen. My unit was most likely the coal scoopers unit at one point in time. Looks great, fits everywhere, cleans thoroughly and easy to use. The top can also function as additional prep space. I keep those flat plastic cutting mats on it to keep it looking decent. Out of the box, the unit comes with a metal tap adaptor that locks onto a plastic faucet adaptor on the unit. There are two hoses; one to bring water to the washer and the other to drain. The instructions say to use cold water which i do because i lack experience, this is my first dishwasher and i am frugal about my hot water use. Normal setting runs about two hours.

Did have to replace the kohler faucet with a delta to get it to work. Then to adapt the spigot outlet since the quick connect adapter was incorrect for the delta.

Love this dishwasher made my life easier it can pack a lot of dishes really for being a 18 inches wide gets dishes clean easy to use and hook up.

Can’t believe how well this dishwasher cleans and how easy it is to hook up. I bought it for my daughter who moved into an apartment with no dishwasher. This was such a great solution. She absolutely loves itfirst, it washes just as well as my expensive built in. (she uses an all-in-one dishwasher pack and that’s important to get a streak free clean in any dishwasher. )second, if you arrange your dishes strategically, you can actually fit an entire day’s worth of dishes, cups, pans, etc. Third, hooking it up to water is a one step attachment that takes a second to put onto your faucet. Fourth, the wheels glide very well which is a great thing because if you have a traditional kitchen, you’ll have to move it each time you run a load. If i could change one thing, it would be to make the hose longer than 3 feet.

Was a bit worried i would have to do some mucking about to hook up since i have a pull out faucet, but the included attachment worked perfectly with it. Machine functions great right out of the box and is easy to setup. Had some dishes with old dried on food i ran through to test it and they came out clean. Can hold a days worth of dishes (including cooking pots/pans) for our family of three quite easily. The only things i could complain about is the water and power cords are relatively short which means it needs to sit right up against the kitchen counter. The top doubles as a counter though so space isn’t really lost. You also cant use the spigot while washer is running, but that is not a fault of the product just a result of how it operates. One thing to note, dishes did not seem to dry well inside washer even with the door cracked open.

Doesn’t really dry dishes though. I wish i had gotten a full-size machine.

Only had this a few days but it’s awesome. Definitely worth every penny, will update if anything changes.

The dishwasher is great, but delivery was a problem. It was left on our porch even though we were home, and we had to carry it up three flights of stairs. This thing weights 150 pounds and is not carry-friendly, so this was no small feat.

I’ve been using this machine for over a year now and still love it. Raising and lowering the top shelf is really easy and very handy for tall dishes. If i could change one thing on it it would be a retractable power cord. The only way to untie it is to remove the 15-20 (possibly more) screws and remove the back. I’ve had to do it three times now. Don’t know what others were expecting. Even the builtin that claim be to quiet make some noise. I like that the drain house is connected to the faucet connector, no worries of it sliding out of the sink.

Its hard to put the water lines and power cord back into the washer for storage.

Holds more dishes than expected. You can pay more for a portable dishwasher and get less. This one is well worth the money.

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