SPT SD-9252W Energy Star 18″ Built-In Dishwasher : Overall it’s pretty good, it doesnt dry the dishes as well

When i was looking for a compact dishwasher for a small space in my kitchen i really struggled to find one with good reviews or any reviews at all so i wanted to make sure i left a review on mine. I normally don’t buy appliances online i usually go in the store but it was a matter of almost $300 cheaper online then in store so i took a chance and hoped for the best. This was shipped without tracking which made me nervous but i got it and everything was packed perfectly and it looked great. Based on the reviews i purchased a cord separately so i had it as it is not included, i had this professionally installed so i am not 100% sure how long or if any tubing was not provided but with everything the plumber did he was here a couple hours installing this. I have had portable dishwashers that are quite big and hold a lot so i was worried about space when go to this size. I run a daycare and so a dishwasher is a must for me. I do two loads a day versus one, but here’s the surprising thing about that, my pervious dishwasher took over 2 hours to do a load this only takes an hour and 43 minutes and its so quiet i have to stand quiet next to it to make sure its running. You can put a lot of dishes in here it really comes down to how you put it in there i usually wash my big pots and pans by hand now and with the silverware i leave the cover on one side and open on the other. This makes it a lot easier to clean my silverware and i put my toddler silverware one the other side. Over all very happy with my purchase.

This model is very small inside. The racks are short and do not slide in and out easily. Most of all i was dissapointed it does not have a drying cycle.

The product operates well and does a great job of washing dishes. It hasn’t been is service long enough to comment on reliability.

The interior is not well designed to accomodate a variety of differently shaped items, and is a depressing dull grey.

  • my kitchen I really struggled to find one with good reviews or any reviews at all so I wanted
  • Good energy efficiency and wash quality if you don’t mind the long cycle time, and opening the door after it finishes
  • Great dishwasher

SPT SD-9252W Energy Star 18″ Built-In Dishwasher, White

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  • Stainless Steel Interior; Quite Operation: at 55 dBA
  • Capacity: up to 8 standard place settings
  • 6 Wash Programs: All-in-1, Heavy, Normal, Light , Rinse and Speed
  • Rinse Aid Warning Indicator: refill reminder on rinse aid. Error Alarm: displays fault codes
  • Time Delay Feature: allows you to program operation at a later start time (1-24 hours)

The shipping packaging was very good, arrived on my doorstep in good shape. The outer dimensions are nearly identical to the old one im replacing, but this one is quite a bit smaller on the inside. Hooking it up was fairly easy, and it seems to wash decently enough, but boy does it take a while to do a load. My old one took half an hour, this thing takes an hour and 45 minutes.

As long as you pre-clean your dishes, this dishwashers works well. It will never replace a full size, but it’s a lot better than washing everything by hand. The drying feature works well.

This dishwasher cleans dishes and pots better than any full-size machine machine that i have used. It is a little lighter weight than a larger machine would be, so i had to be careful loading it until i got use to it.

This was a perfect transaction. I looked at all of the models of 18 inch dishwashers and all of them had their pluses and minuses; even the most expensive models. The spt was truly no worse in its reviews and it was a lot less expensive. The delivery was up six steps to our front porch by ups and that was perfect. I was replacing a ge 18 inch washer because it was 10 years old and the pump was failing. It was a very tight space and the specifications for the spt were exact so it fit in perfectly into the slot. I originally installed the ge by myself and had to replace a few parts along the way so i am probably considered experienced in doing my own work. But, i learned how to do my own work by reading the manual, asking a few questions at the local hardware store and just taking my time. Thus, while i would not say that installing this is easy for an inexperienced person, i am saying that it is possible to do on your own. In contrast to some other reviews, the installation guide was very good, readable, and thorough. One of the reasons we liked this and probably one of the reasons it is cheaper is that it does not have the heating phase to quickly dry the dishes when the cycle is over. We actually found this to be a negative aspect of the ge because, well, really hot stuff is somewhat scary. We turned that feature off on the ge and the dishes were always dry when we finally took them out of the washer.

I did not check the information about drying, which is essentially air dry. There was a reason for the price differential.

The dishwasher arrived ahead of schedule and in good condition. What struck me was the robust and excellent packaging,no damage to the unit despite signs the washer had been vigorously handled on the box exterior. Double wall thick cardboard and corner braces separated by foam really makes the grade. Installation was simple, and the instructions were clear. Fit and finish were very good, and the unit worked perfectly from the start. I was ready for the long cycle time based on previous reviews, and was aware that there was no heated dry cycle. I am a fanatic about energy conservation, and i placed a recording watt meter on the washer to assess the power usage. But on to the main business at hand–washing dishes.Performance was good, with thinly crusted on water soluble material fully removed.

I was super nervous about ordering this off line cause i never heard the brand name. But i’m beyond satisfied with this product and it cleans my dishes really great. Glad i took the chance and bought it.

Overall it’s pretty good, it doesnt dry the dishes as well as i like ,but i only use it for my home daycare dishes so its suitable.

I have had this dishwasher for seven months now and i love it. I got this model because i have an older kitchen and i didn’t want to give up more than one cabinet for it. But i have to say, it’s been totally worth it. We installed it ourselves and had no issues. The only feature it doesn’t have that i wish it did is air dry or heated dry. But when it finishes a load it beeps several times and i just go prop open the door. Very happy with my purchase.

I really like this dishwasher. It gives me the time left on a wash, reminds me to fill the rinse, runs quietly, and does a great job.

Its quiet, holds alot more than expected and easy controls. Only bad thing was the first one arrived with broken parts and we had to exchange it. The customer service was great.

This little dishwasher is awesome. I bought this one because i didn’t want to spend big money on a 18″ dishwasher. So far this dishwasher has held up very well, and does a phenomenal job of washing the dishes. I would recommend this to anybody who is looking for an 18 inch dishwasher.

Was a little scared to order a dishwasher online but didn’t want to pay the price the big box stores wanted. I was very happy when i received this dishwasher just a few days after i ordered it. It came double boxed to prevent any chance of damage to the unit. Installation was straight forward. The power cord is not included which is not mentioned in the description but we easily located one at a local store. Overall i am very pleased with the look and features of the unit. Since we put this in a house we are selling i have no idea if it works well or is noisy as i didn’t want to run it. It was perfect for the small space we had available.

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SPT SD-9252W Energy Star 18" Built-In Dishwasher, White
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