Tymes Collection Inc. 2″ Double Sided Round Dishwasher Flip CLEAN & DIRTY Premium 50 mil Dishwasher Magnet : so good. It sticks to the dishwasher

My daughter is in charge of loading the dishwasher and my son unloads it so this was perfect for them. He no longer has to wonder if the dishes are clean or dirty.

It sticks to the dishwasher. Now i just need my wife to flip it when she unloads the dishwasher.

2″ Double Sided Round Dishwasher Flip CLEAN & DIRTY Premium 50 mil Dishwasher Magnet. MADE in USA (Aqua & Gray)

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  • “AQUA / TURQUOISE & GRAY”..This trendy color scheme is a simple and decorative addition to your kitchen. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR APPLIANCE IS MAGNETIC.
  • “ONE MAGNET-2 SIDES”….simple, a loaded or empty dishwasher is “dirty”. Just flip to “clean” when the dishwasher is started. It’s that simple.
  • “DURABLE & MADE IN USA”….. this is a premium 2″ ROUND 50mil thick magnet, and is made in the USA.
  • “SAFE” …..this magnet is not metal or aluminum so it won’t scratch or damage your dishwasher or other appliances.
  • “STOP GUESSING”…… Are they clean? Are they Dirty? No more guessing and no more excuses with our “Clean /Dirty” dishwasher magnet.

The magnet is great, just smaller than i imagined (slightly larger than a silver dollar). I’m happy it was made in the usa.

It’s nice but much smaller than i thought. Keep that in mind if you hope to have anyone see it and pay attention.

I know the size is listed in the description, but this thing really is way too small for the price. I almost lost it before i opened it since it was packaged in a tiny little envelope amongst all my other amazon items.

2″ Double Sided Round Dishwasher Flip CLEAN & DIRTY Premium 50 mil Dishwasher Magnet. MADE in USA (Aqua & Gray) : No more excuses for the family to put dirty dishes on top of clean in the dishwasher.

This is so cute and chic compared to the ripped piece of paper taped to the dishwasher that my boyfriend uses.

Does the trick, not as elegant as some but it does what we need it to do without drawing attention to itself from across the room.

Sturdy and strong enough for what you are using it for (who would anyone try to pin something to their dishwasher anyway?). Arrived exactly as described. No complaints so far other than wishing i got the larger size.

As soon as i received my magnet i put it to work. It is of nice quality and works well. No more having my husband put dirty dishes in a clean dishwasher.

Wish we would have gotten this magnet years ago. It’s nice so that we know wether dishes are clean or dirty if significant other is the one whom started or emptied the dishwasher last.

Had an initial issue but it was literally fixed within 4 hours. Amazing seller that stans by product.

Now if my husband would just pay attention and quit putting dirty dishes in the “clean” dishwasher.

I received it a couple of days after ordering it. Good price and it works beautifully. My wife and i are always at odds at to whether the dishes in the dishwasher or clean or dirty. Sometimes she sets it to clean but forgets to tell me so i have no idea that the dishes inside are clean. Now she can flip this magnet to the ‘clean’ side when she turns on the dishwasher and neither of us forget that the dishes are clean.

I just wish it could make my coworkers actually put their dishes in the dishwasher.

This is just what i was looking for, now there’s no confusion about whether the dishes in the dishwasher are dirty or clean.

It came with a wrinkle on the clean side but they credited my account for my troubles.

Do not love how it moves on the dishwasher when changing clean/dirty. Might be better with a stronger magnet.

Like the magnet, just make sure that they will stick to your dishwasher. My dishwasher, ge profile, is made with stainless steel that does not attract magnets, so it’s hanging out on the side of my fridge.

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2" Double Sided Round Dishwasher Flip CLEAN & DIRTY Premium 50 mil Dishwasher Magnet. MADE in USA (Aqua & Gray)
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