Whirlpool GIDDS-291771 24″ Dishwasher With Accusense Soil Sensor – Works extremely well for the price. I bought this

Delivery took a little time but that was my fault. They didn’t have right phone number. Took me 15 minutes to install.

Had this product for a few days so far. The 1 hour wash is a great feature, dishwasher is quiet and cleans well.

Based on the negative reviews with excessive water remaining on the dishes after the wash cycle i was hesitant about purchasing this dishwasher. After installing it, i have to wonder if the negative comments were related to proper leveling. We have been using this dishwasher for nearly a month with absolutely no issues at all. I made sure it was completely level and the drain hose was not higher than the sink drain. The short of it; it works just fine for us. Yes, you need to use a drying agent, but that is not at issue as it has delivered excellent results. My wife now comments on how the pots, pans and silverware “shine” after washing.

  • Works extremely well for the price. I bought this
  • OK, but doesn’t dry well
  • Everything is clean

Does not dry very well at all. Is a good deal for the price and to have it delivered to your door cannot really beat it. However, there is an issue with the drying. It dries the dishes well, but there is quite a bit of water left in the dishwasher itself. I use rinse aid, and even changed the brand of rinse aid from a generic brand to a name brand (cascade) with no change. To prevent other issues such as moldyness and such, we have to wipe off the door and the bottom of the dishwasher after each use. 3 stars might be conservative, would just depend on how much you enjoy the drying feature of a dishwasher.

Dishes don’t get really dry, just kind of dry, dishes get clean, yes. Best design of soap and rinse aid dispensing i’ve seen. Units that cost three times as much, get twice as much done, so there you go.

Features of WHIRLPOOL GIDDS-291771 24″ Dishwasher With Accusense Soil Sensor, White, 3 Cycles/4 Options

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Bought this as a christmas gift for my son and his family. They were so appreciative, and it looks very nice and clean with their other white appliances in their kitchen.

Quiet and cleans really well. Drives me crazy that it does not dry. When i saw that was a problem, i thought i wouldn’t mind because on my old dishwasher i could just run through a drying cycle. This one, you can’t run through a drying cycle. If it dried better, i would definitely give it 5 stars. . And i use the name brand dryer stuff.

I have used this dishwasher twice a day everyday for the past 2 months and i love it. Everything comes out clean without pre-washing. I mean everything, globs of peanut butter, dried on egg yolk, day old spaghetti sauce and more. Some of the dishes are not completely dry on the normal wash, especially inverted cups, but i am not concerned about dryness. I use name brand dishwasher tabs along with rinse aid and have yet to have an item not come clean. 5 hours, but it does use considerably less energy than my old model. Dishes come clean in the one hour cycle too if your are in a hurry to get the dishes to the table.

Works extremely well for the price. I bought this as a gift for my daughter and i have not heard the end of how well it works. She is absolutely thrilled with it. I bought her costco/ sams club/ bjs take your pick store brand packets for it and they leave no residue; and since it is just her and her husband they only run once a day or every 2 days so dishes sit and crustify.

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WHIRLPOOL GIDDS-291771 24" Dishwasher With Accusense Soil Sensor, White, 3 Cycles/4 Options
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